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Dry Garden Plans: Layouts for Dry, Desert Climates

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Design a Water-Wise Garden!

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The Dry Garden Plan is for gardeners who live in drought-sensitive areas or a desert climates. Here are several dry garden layouts to plan a beautiful, water-wise garden!

Gardening can be challenging when water is at a premium, but there are many ways for resourceful gardeners to grow gardens that flourish even when water is scarce. 

Once past the seedling stage, most vegetables and fruits require the equivalent of about 1 inch of rain per week and, as long as they are in free-draining soil, providing more than that can further boost growth. Timer-operated drip irrigation is the ultimate is water efficiency as it delivers precise quantities of water exactly where it’s needed, reducing evaporation and water runoff.

Watch our video on Planning Irrigation for Your Garden.

Adding an organic mulch to the surface once temperatures start soaring can also dramatically reduce evaporation and help plants retain more water.

After you check out the free garden layouts below, find many more on our Almanac Garden Planner!

1. Dry Vegetable Garden Plan

Garden Size:  32’ 11” x 22’ 11”
Garden Location: Fort Collins, Colorado

See the plant list and more details about this garden here.


2. Dry Garden Plan: Traditional Rows

Garden Size: 50’ 0” x 20’ 11”
Garden Location:  Burleson, TX
Sun or Shade:  Sunny
Garden Soil Type:  Light / Sandy soil

See the full plant list and more details about this garden here.


3. Dry Garden Plan: Raised Beds

“First Attempt at a Garden in the Southwest Desert. Trying a little bit of everything.”

Garden Size:  39’ 11” x 14’ 11”
Garden Location:  El Paso
Sun or Shade:  Sunny
See the full plant list and more details about this garden here.


4. Dry Garden Plan: Traditional Rows

Garden Size: 19’ 11” x 29’ 11”
Garden Location: Falcon, CO, El Paso county
Sun or Shade: Sunny
Soil: Light and Sandy
See full plant list!


5. Dry Garden Plan Using Irrigation

Garden Size: 13’ 11” x 18’ 11”
Garden Location: Gensee Depot, WI
See full plant list!


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