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A Garden Plan for a Community Garden Plot

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Robert H. Backyard Farm
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Robert H.

A free community garden plan layout to inspire others!

Robert W.
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Learn from Robert W., who runs a church-based community garden that addresses food deserts in urban Colorado Springs. Get inspired by a garden that produces 53 varieties of fresh, organic vegetables—and accessible, low-cost food for those in need.

Robert W.’s Review of the Garden Planner

The Backyard Farm Project is a mission through the Way Ministries. A small five-person congregation of disciples of Christ came to volunteer as I put the proposal together this season after planning it for two years.

Our goal was to become a farm that would supply food to those in need and incapable of purchasing farm-fresh produce from farmers’ markets around town. The goal was also to edify my community on healthy life choices, educate the youth on growing methods and the need to eat highly nutritious food, and empower even the homeless and poor to access organic produce through other outlets!

We grew the plan we degarsigned with a few slight variations due to the inability to drag the 10-foot water hose through the planting once everything had grown to full size! The Backyard Farm Project has been nominated this season for the Cummins Hero Award for our work in the community here in Colorado Springs, Colorado!

Robert W.’s Vegetable Plot Plan

The vegetable layout was designed with the Almanac Garden Planner. 

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