A Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Layout, Using the Square-Foot Gardening Method

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Garden Manor
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Krista Bennett

See a well-designed garden plan and photos!

Krista Bennett and Catherine Boeckmann
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We admire the thoughtfulness that went into Krista’s organic raised bed garden. She uses the square-foot garden method for each bed and gives each bed a name such as a “Salsa Garden.” Take a look at the well-designed garden layout and lovely photos.

Bennett Manor Garden Story

Krista used the Amanac Garden Planner to design a square-foot garden layout. (The Garden Planner has a special SFG feature.)

She planned eight 8x8 square-foot garden beds—each with a specific name and purpose. For example, her first two rows of beds were her “Root Beds, ” where she grew garlic, beets, red and yellow onions, carrots, horseradish, and leeks. She also included companion plants of cabbage and strawberries.

The second row of two beds was her “Caprese Gardens.” In both beds, she planted Roma tomatoes along with companion plants, basil, and marigolds in order to naturally deter pests. 

Her third row of two beds was her “Salad Garden,” in which she grew lettuces and cucumbers along with cucumbers and sunflowers—as well as catnip for her cats. And on the right was her “Salsa Garden” for peppers, cilantro, and garlic.

–Krista Bennett,
Bennett Manor Farms 

Here is Krista’s blog post about how to plan a garden of wholesome, organic goodness.

Bennett Manor Vegetable Garden Plan

(Sharon, WI)

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See the full plan and plant list for Bennett Manor Garden.

See the Results! The Garden Photos

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The garden layout in action.
Garden supervisor
Tomatillo flower with helper
Tomatillos harvested
Tomato bounty.
Fruits of the plan!

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