Best Ever Beef Roast

Recipe for Best Ever Beef Roast


1 beef roast for the oven (any size)
2-3 cloves of garlic, peeled and sliced (optional)
Olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste


First, take the roast out of the refrigerator and let it sit at room temperature for an hour. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.

Place the roast in a pan, fat side up. Oil the top and sides. Make slits in the roast and place a piece of garlic in each slit. Season with salt and pepper. Place the meat in the oven and set the timer for 1 hour. Don’t open the door at any time. When the timer rings, turn the oven off and again, do NOT open the door.

Decide your serving time and 45 minutes before serving, turn the oven back on at 375 degrees. Cook for 25-30 minutes and then turn the oven off. Remove roast and let it sit wrapped in foil for 15 minutes.


4-8 (depends on roast size)


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pot roast potted

for over 60 I've been in the kitchen, more than any other room in our home. that's ok with me, my husband enjoys the fruits of my labor.
this was by far the most unsatisfactory roast I've ever prepared. it was very similar to shoe leather with out out the shine. we laughed and said; "mmmm this is the only time that the old farmers almanac has not been accurate." its sitting on the butcher block right now with a bottle of bbq sauce beside it. i'll shred it finely and voila!


I have never cooked roast beef in the oven before and will try this. I have always used a pressure cooker.

roast in oven

All roast beef is not equal. Some of the less tender cuts require braising and cooking in a dutch oven or pressure cooker. Study the different cuts to see the best way to cook them.

Perfect roast

Question, how long can the roast sit in the oven before you turn it back on to finish it?

perfect roast beef

The Editors's picture

Hi, Mary. Preferably not more than 3 hours.

roast beast

This method sounds nice and easy except that it does not address the rare, medium, well done issue. The roast pictured in your article looks nice except it is sadly overcooked! Who, in their right mind, would knowingly do that to a standing rib roast?...Or any piece of beef, for that matter??

roast beef

I have used this method on all my roast since 2010, The general rule for rare (I like my roast pink and red all the way though) is :5minutes per pound (with or without bone in) at 550 degrees (yes that's 550 degrees), meaning a 2 pound roast cook uncovered for :10minutes at 550 degrees, let rest in oven with door closed for 2hrs., DO NOT OPEN door, then :30minutes before eating time; turn oven back on and set to 350 degrees and let cook for :30minutes (including oven warm up time). Take out of oven and cover for ;10mins before slicing/serving. As far as spices, use whatever you want, it is never a good idea to salt red meat before cooking and for the love of pete, PLEASE DO NOT SLICE the meat before cooking

Oven temp. for roast beef

Who's oven goes to 550 degrees ?

Best Ever Beef Roast

I have tried every way there is to prepare Beef Roast and I have found that the crockpot gives you a moist, flavorful and tender piece of meat. I use the crockpot for many types of meats and you get the same wonderful results. You have to be careful using the oven because it can dry out the meat.

Dry aged

I'm dry aging a pot roast for the weekend. Presumably, this method will work for it, too.

How many?

How many slits? Top and bottom? Sides?

perfect roast beef

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Make as many slits as you have cloves of garlic. All over the piece of meat.

Didn't work as hoped.

I followed this to the letter with the exception that I cooked it for a lesser time because it wasn't a huge piece of meat. My only thought here is that the meat must be 'thick' through and not a skinny piece. I may try again though.

how to cook roast beef

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We hope it works out better next time, Lynley. It is designed for roasts, not small pieces of meat. Perhaps that was the problem.

I can't see ending up with a

I can't see ending up with a medium rare or even medium 2lb roast this way. Anyone have this experience?

Want to try this recipe, how

Want to try this recipe, how long can the roast stay in the off oven after the 1st hour, before the 45 minute reheat time please?

Thank you! I had lost this

Thank you! I had lost this method in the move and am going to save it to my computer and on a flash drive. This works every time and is my favorite way to get professional results from my run of the mill oven. Happy Holidays, OFA!

I've used this method on

I've used this method on various sized roasts and the all come out tender and perfectly cooked. I've done everything from a 2 lb eye of round to a 5.5 lb boneless rib roast. This technique just works!

I use this same recipe with

I use this same recipe with bone-in pork roast.

Roast is in the oven !!!!!

Roast is in the oven !!!!! Timer is set !!!!!

Good flavor , but over

Good flavor , but over done!!!!
Next time I will try less time, 45 min instead of a hour at 375,
I do like the easy method.

I have heard of this method

I have heard of this method before but never tried it. Question - since one is supposed to let the roast sit wrapped in foil for 15 minutes - When does one put the foil on the roast?? I do not see where it states when to put the roast in foil.

As the recipe states,when

As the recipe states,when one
removes the roast from the oven,
one should simply wrap in foil and let rest for 15 minutes.

I have tried this w/different

I have tried this w/different sizes and it works every time.

I would think a 2 pound beef

I would think a 2 pound beef tenderloin in a 375 degree for an hour and then sitting in there for another 45 minutes will be way overdone. Response anyone?

There is no increase in cook

There is no increase in cook time for larger size roasts???

I think the meat who be dry

I think the meat who be dry and tough at that heat range and size 275 I think would be better low & slow.