Peanut Brittle


10x12-inch sheet

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I wonder if this recipe can

I wonder if this recipe can be made with raw almonds.

Yes, though the brittle will

Yes, though the brittle will not be as 'crunchy'. I don't notice that aspect but my wife and many that have tried my almond and pecan brittle crunch have made that observation.

Seriously much easier. Line

Seriously much easier. Line a shallow pan with foil and spray with pam or similar. Spread one nut depth NOT HIGHER of raw peanuts. In a CAST IRON SKILLET and ONLY CAST IRON melt sugar. No water or cornnsyrup. You may sprinkle the raw nuts on the pan with salt. Stir dry sugar over the heat with a wooden spoon and continue stiring til it melts. You must take every precaution not to allow any of the melted sugar to pop onto you as it will tear your hide off.

Pourmthe entirely melted sugar over the nuts. When cool it is the best brittle you will ever have. Be careful to drizzle it thinly and have no lumps.