Perfect Macaroni and Cheese


Makes 6 to 8 servings.

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I use a variety of cheeses

I use a variety of cheeses including Stilton which demonstrated the seasoned tongue and I put the cheese into the hot milk and rue. This gives it a better blend for me.
If I use cheddar blends I use breakfast sausage to make it savory.
I par cook the sausage and use the fat from it to make the rue.
I try M&C where ever I go just to keep my pallet confused and ever ready for something different

I made a few mods to the

I made a few mods to the recipe because of what I happened to have on hand. I used Italian seasoned breadcrumbs and HEB house brand "easy melt" American cheese (3 slices per layer). The dish got rave reviews, especially from my wife who is a world class mac and cheese expert. In the future I will try with other cheeses. I expect the results will be 5 star every time.

My mother made her Mac &

My mother made her Mac & Cheese basicly the same save for adding cheese around the outside edge, yum. Just as an aside Mac & Cheese made this way is also super good cold from the frig, double yum!