Potato Pancakes


Serves 4.

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I plant Sweet Potatoes, they

I plant Sweet Potatoes, they come in slips. I did the garbage can last year and my vines didn't die, even after 120 days. So when I dug them up there were many but they were small and long. This year I planted two kinds, but in tires. I heard the heat in the tires is what the potatoes want. I know I have to add dirt when the slips get high, but do you have any more suggestions for Sweet Potatoes??? And of course using the tires instead of the garbage can. Also should I use Miracid on the plants for fertilizing? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for a wonderful and knowledgeable website.

this is the easiest way to

this is the easiest way to make a mouth watering delight!! i loved them as a child!!! topped with sour cream or just plain sugar !!