A Raised Bed Garden Plan and Layout

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Raised garden beds surrounded by gravel

Organic garden featuring companion planning

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The 100% organic garden by M. Spalding is truly stunning, featuring four small raised beds and a small greenhouse. The gardener used the companion planting feature for the first time and claimed they had almost no pests! Coincidence? See the raised garden plan and a virtual garden tour.

Spalding’s Garden Story

This garden is for my family and me. My partner built the greenhouse where tomatoes thrive all summer, and where I get an early start on seedlings. He also built the cedar-raised beds that were all planted using the Garden Planner

I printed out each segment of the season from early spring to late summer. I focused on organic gardening. I did not use fertilizer other than home-brewed compost tea. I also tried companion planting for the first time, which I learned about from the Garden Planner, and I love the option in the Garden Planner to see companion options for every vegetable! I had almost no pests to deal with all season. I let the spiders stay, and they help, too. I’ve learned to work around them and let them do their job. 

I will not plant broccoli again because the yield doesn’t warrant the space required since we have only four boxes. The one plant did not produce much but took up a lot of space. I added two potato boxes that are not shown in the plan. I had a great crop of red potatoes! Two years ago, I learned that carrot seedlings cannot be moved. So, last season, I planted them in place and had an amazing yield. The few I needed to move were sort of deformed, but they still tasted good. I can’t seem to grow happy kale, but I will keep trying. The lettuce was prolific, as were the mini cukes. We had lots of healthy bush beans all summer; those were planted next to the zucchini. I planted nasturtium, dill, and borage in with the asparagus, and that produced really well. I had tons of parsley in the same box that I ended up dehydrating and jarring and we have been using all winter.

This is the best garden I have had so far, and the Garden Planner definitely gets some credit for that.

The Vegetable Garden Plan

(Maine, U.S.A.)

The Results! A Virtual Garden Tour

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