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Vegetable Garden Planner Review: Sonya Dunham

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A wooden terraced garden
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Sonya Dunham

Terraced Potager Garden

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Ever had a garden on a slope? Experienced clay soil? Sonya clearly met these challenges. See her terraced raised bed garden with beautiful vegetable and flower garden photos that shows us the results of successive gardening from spring through autumn!

Sonya’s Garden Story

We are in the piedmont of South Carolina, zone 7b, with clay soil that I heavily amend with compost. My garden is on a slope. Two years ago it was just part of the grassy yard. I gardened it one year using hay bales and tons of compost mulch to make terraces, then this last year I built permanent garden bed terraces. I consider it a terraced potager/no-dig/intensive/mixed planting garden experiment with lots of homemade compost and lots of flowers throughout.

Oh my goodness, I love the Garden Planner. It has been so useful (and fun!). For being this garden’s first year I’ve been delighted with how well it did, and I surely learned a lot too when things didn’t work. I planned the garden layout over the winter, then I would adjust the plan and add notes in the Journal as the season progressed. It works so well and I’ve recommended it to others.

I especially love being able to set the months for succession planting through the seasons and that there are links to plant information and editable notes. I also like being able to label specific varieties.

Sonya’s Garden Plan

In my plan, I tend to plant intensively (closer together than recommended) and some plants may be shown on top of each other that really are growing at different time of the season. Here’s a link to the full plan.

The Results! Photographs of the Garden

(South Carolina)

My pictures are from April (when I had just finished building the garden), May, June, July (almost overgrown) and Nov (kale and asian greens and cabbages are in!).

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