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Vegetable Garden Planner Reviews: Nancy E.

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Discover how a garden goes from dream to reality! Nancy used the Garden Planner to create her own raised bed garden. See her garden plot plan and photos.

Nancy’s Review of the Garden Planner

“We moved onto this property in October 2020 and 2022 was the first year I was able to plant in my newly constructed raised garden beds. I could only plant as the beds were built and filled, so some of the squash and peppers got in really late, but still had a decent production year as we had an extended summer (into October). The Garden Planner was a great tool to plan the varieties and spacing, and I’ve already created the follow on plan for 2023 and love the crop rotation feature showing me where to NOT plant items from the same family.”
–Nancy Eggink, Parker, CO ( Zone 5b)

Nancy’s Raised Bed Garden Plan

Nancy’s Garden Photos

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