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April 11, 2017

The Sagendorph Building is one of two buildings on the campus of Yankee Publishing, in Dublin, NH, publisher of The Old Farmer’s Almanac. This aerial flyover was created with a drone owned and operated by Mark Smith, CMSgt, USAF (R). You can see a live view of the building on The Almanac Webcam.

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Do people live in the upstairs section of this building?

I notice in the evenings and on the weekends there are lights on in the rooms of the second floor. Are those apartments?

Thank you,



Catherine Boeckmann's picture

Hi Sussie, People do NOT live upstairs. They are offices. However, some writers will work on the weekends and a cleaning service also comes to work then.  And, perhaps, very occasionally, someone falls asleep on their office couch. :-)


I would like to know if you give tours of the Yankee Publishing campus. I am a subscriber (and a native New Englander) and LOVE the magazine.

Office Tours

The Editors's picture

Yes, readers are free to stop by our offices and—depending on the availability of our editors—take a short tour of the building. It would be best to call ahead to ensure that we are able to accommodate you that day. Our phone number is 603-563-8111. Thank you for your interest! 

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I do not have enough time to go through every thing you have for us so I will leave for now and most come back latter. I love your page I always come her.

Thank you


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