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The Best Pies for Your Zodiac Sign

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Which pie are you based on astrology?

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It’s coming up to Thanksgiving and the holiday season, and we’re about the pies. Scour the choices, and you’ll find everything from a tart lemon meringue pie to old-fashioned apple pies. Let’s have fun and find the best pie based on your zodiac sign!

According to the American Pie Council, the first pie recipe can be traced back to the early Romans. Allegedly, this was a “rye-crusted goat cheese and honey pie.” While this concoction sounds intriguing, pie has come a long way since then.

Pies are the perfect treat for any time of day! Credit: Ollyy

Best Pies by Your Zodiac Sign

1. Aries

Aries tend to act first and think later. While others fear to tread, they’re already blazing trails. These daring souls live for the thrill of the chase and need a pie that satisfies their excitement. A peach pie with a Heath bar crumb topping is sweet, salty, decadent, and different. Aries will happily share this confection, confident you’ve never tried it. Even if you have, don’t tell them. Instead, let them think they showed you something new.

A peach pie with a Heath bar crumb topping!

2. Taurus

To outsiders, Taurus may seem somewhat laid back. It’s easy to assume their placid nature means they adore the simple things in life. But that’s not true. While they enjoy everything cozy, Taurus has a robust hedonistic streak, especially regarding food. Give them something rich and luxurious, and they grin like a happy Bull. A warm brownie pie is both comforting and sensual. Top it off with whipped cream because Taurus is extra like that.

A warm brownie pie
A warm brownie pie 

3. Gemini

Every astrological sign rules a different part of the body. Hands are associated with chatty Gemini. Spend any time with someone born under the sign of the Twins, and you’ll notice they talk with their hands. They are also highly fidgety, so they need to keep their paws busy. Strawberry hand pies keep their mitts and mouths occupied, which allows everyone else to get a word in. Keep in mind Geminis want variety. While hand pies make them happy, they want to have their chocolate cake and eat it, too.

Strawberry hand pies
Strawberry hand pies

4. Cancer

Sensitive Cancer loves to dote on their family. Sentimental to the core, they are the historians of their kin. Many of them have recipes passed down from their mothers and grandparents. Apple pie is the perfect treat for these domestic kings and queens. After all, nothing is more homey or comforting than a slice of hot apple pie with a scoop of ice cream. How can you be a crabby Crab when feasting on that goodness?

Apple pie
Apple pie

5. Leo

Leo is ruled by the Sun. Is it any wonder they think the world revolves around them? It may appear that way but know there is no more generous or noble sign than the Lion. They do everything in a big way because their hearts are enormous. Therefore, they deserve a pie that mirrors their regal nature. A darby cream pie is an “eggnog-flavored chiffon pie” topped with soft mountains of chocolate-whipped cream. An elegant and unique dessert fit for the Queens and Kings of the zodiac!

A darby cream pie
A darby cream pie

6. Virgo

The sixth sign of the zodiac is in charge of work and health. It’s no surprise to see Virgos toil away at their desks all day, only to hit the gym in beast mode afterward. They are rarely sedentary. Most of them are picky about what to eat. They have no trouble taking a pass if it’s not good for them. Yes, even dessert. So it’s best to cloak their treats in a healthy guise. A sweet potato pie does the trick nicely. It’s rich in vitamins and sweetness.

A sweet potato pie
A sweet potato pie 

7. Libra

The scales represent Libra. They want things to be balanced and fair. This spills over into every area of their lives, from relationships to the job. If something isn’t right, they will quickly point out what needs to be done to create equity. Although this may sound heavy, these Air signs are reasonable. A lemon meringue pie is the ideal balance between tart and sugary. You won’t hear one complaint from Libra about this luscious pie because they’ll be too busy groaning with delight.

A lemon meringue pie i
A lemon meringue pie

8. Scorpio

Is there any sign more misunderstood than Scorpio? Probably not. They are intense, which tends to scare folks. But that intensity isn’t a negative. Instead, it shows their depth and passion. Every Scorpio has a secret they never share with anyone. This adds to their mystery. So, it only makes sense for a dark, rich chocolate chess pie to represent these complicated creatures. They might share a morsel or two with their most trusted peeps, but you can be sure the rest is only squirreled away for their eyes and tummies.

chocolate chess pie
A chocolate chess pie 

9. Sagittarius

Free-wheeling Sagittarius seems to flit from one adventure to the next. One day, they’re camping on a deserted mountaintop, while the next finds them snorkeling with sharks in a tropical locale. They’re always ready to try something once, even if it seems dangerous to the risk-adverse. A bacon maple cream pie is sure to excite their bold palate. This sweet treat has a dash of mustard, a must for fiery Sagittarius!

A bacon maple cream pie
A bacon maple cream pie

10. Capricorn

Capricorn loves to uphold traditions. A nightly dinner with the family, sending Christmas cards, carving the turkey; they know how to do these customs right. Because they are highly organized, you can count on them to get things done. They’re happy to be in charge because they have a control freak side. A classic pumpkin pie loaded with mounds of whipped cream makes their cautious hearts skip a beat. Serve this on a day other than Thanksgiving; they might cluck their tongues before digging in.

A classic pumpkin pie
A classic pumpkin pie 

11. Aquarius

Uranus, the planet of change and disruption, rules Aquarius. This means these eccentric folks have no interest in doing the same-old same-old. While others want to follow the rules (looking at you, Capricorn), they prefer to break them. It’s not that they are rebels without a cause. Instead, they understand that walking on the wild side is sometimes better. That’s how innovation happens. Forget about pie. A creamy New York-style cheesecake is better for these chic peeps. It can be doctored up with fruit or whatever their imagination deems interesting.

Yes, we get excited about pie! But we love a creamy New York-style cheesecake, too!
Credit: Dean Drobot

12. Pisces

Soulful Pisces is a Water sign, which means they are in touch with their feelings. Not just their emotions but also their intuition. Their first instincts are generally correct, provided they don’t let their bleeding hearts get in the way. When that happens, they lose their objectivity. Some might accuse Pisces of being unreliable. They only appear that way because they’re busy chasing their dreams while the rest of us wish we could. A pecan pie is flaky, sweet, and nutty, perfect for these fishy folk. No offense, Pisces.

A pecan pie
A pecan pie 

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