July Weather Forecast 2024: Make Your Summer Plans

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Weather Predications for the Month of July

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As you make your vacation plans, you’ll want to keep an eye on the forecast for the month of July. We’ll let you in on what type of weather you can expect for July 2024—as well as predictions for your Fourth of July celebrations!

July Holidays—Including Independence Day!

For the start of the month, Canada Day on the 1st looks to see good weather across the Maritimes and Quebec, with widespread sunshine and a warm afternoon. The risk for showers will increase across central and western Canada. There will be the potential for some heavy rain across the Yukon, with some spotty showers possible in the Northwest Territories.

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On the Fourth of July, the best weather for fireworks and barbecues will be found from the northern mid-Atlantic states to the northern Appalachians, with mainly dry skies and a warm afternoon. Farther west, mostly dry weather is expected from the western Plains and Intermountain region into the Southwest, although it will be quite hot in many areas. Elsewhere, there will be pockets of thunderstorms around the rest of the country. 

Remember to use caution while using fireworks for the 4th, especially in Canada—even after a wet winter, much of the surface brush will have dried out (barring some unusual rain), so fires can still be started from fireworks. Dryness, combined with the above-normal temperatures, could lead to a high wildfire risk, which is not welcome news following such a devastating fire season last year across Canada.

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For Nunavut Day on July 9, we’re expecting a sunny, pleasant, and mild day across the territory. Utah’s weather also looks promising for Pioneer Day on July 24, with some sunshine and a warm afternoon expected.

July Forecast 2024 

If you’re someone who lives for summertime heat and humidity, it looks like there will be plenty of this to go around this summer, especially in July, when we expect temperatures to be near or above normal across much of the U.S. and Canada. The only areas where we are forecasting below-normal temperatures include the western Ohio Valley and parts of the southern Plains and Hawaii. We expect a hotter-than-normal month across nearly all of Canada.

We believe that much of the U.S. East Coast will be on the drier side, a condition that will combine with the heat to create many opportunities to head to the beach. The drier weather will also help to limit travel delays. Rainfall will end up above normal from the Great Lakes and Midwest to the lower Mississippi Valley, as well as in southern Texas. 

Drier-than-normal weather is likely across the central and southern Plains, as well as the Rockies. The Desert Southwest also looks to be dry, likely the result of a delayed start to the monsoon season. Parts of Oregon and California, though, could end up with above-normal rainfall, with thunderstorms occasionally disrupting outdoor activities. Both Alaska and Hawaii look to be drier than normal.

In Canada, near- to above-normal rainfall is forecast from the Maritimes and Quebec back through eastern Ontario, as well as in the Yukon and northern parts of the Northwest Territories. Below-normal precipitation is expected from southern parts of the Northwest Territories southward through western Ontario, the Prairies, and British Columbia. 

In the Deep South, we’ll also have to watch for a hurricane early in the month—as well as for a tropical storm at midmonth that may also affect the Texas coast.

Best Places to Vacation in July

To find the best places to target for summer vacation plans, we looked for areas that will be on the drier side of average, meaning fewer chances for showers and thunderstorms to dampen activities and travel. In July, the East Coast and Rockies will be good places to visit, along with Alaska and Hawaii. 

The East Coast will see fantastic beach weather this month!
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In August, the East Coast of the U.S. will see some pleasant beach weather, with above-average temperatures and below-average precipitation. See the Summer 2024 Weather Summary.

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