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June 2023 Forecast: Highlighting Father's Day and Holidays

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What the weather outlook for June?

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The month of June brings with it the official start of Summer 2023! What sort of weather can we expect for this month? The Almanac meteorologists provide the extended forecast for June, highlighting weather for Father’s Day and other June holidays.

June 2023 Weather Forecast

For the month of June, temperatures will be hotter than normal across Florida and the Deep South, from the Ohio Valley and the Upper Midwest through the Plains, from the Desert Southwest through California and up into the Pacific Northwest, and across eastern Hawaii; they will be near to below normal elsewhere. 

Rainfall will be above normal from the Northeast down along the mid-Atlantic Coast, across the western Great Lakes and Ohio Valley into the Upper Midwest, along the Gulf Coast, and across the northern Rockies, Alaska, and Hawaii; precipitation will be near to below normal elsewhere. 

In Canada, temperatures will be above normal in Atlantic Canada and from the Prairies through southern British Columbia and near to below normal elsewhere. Rainfall will be above average for the Yukon and Northwest Territories and near to below normal in other locales. 

June Holidays

  • If you have any outdoor plans for June 5, World Environment Day, you’d be well advised to keep the rain gear handy, as there will be showers from the U.S. East Coast into the Appalachians; across the Deep South, Great Lakes, and other parts of the Midwest; from the High Plains through the northern Rockies into the Pacific Northwest; and across Alaska. Expect sunny and dry weather for planting trees or cleaning up trash from the Heartland southward into Texas and westward through California. Canadians should plan for showers over the eastern and central provinces and sunny, dry weather in southern British Columbia and the Northwest Territories.
  • On June 12, Hawaii’s King Kamehameha I Day, parades and grand celebrations will run into some rain in the eastern islands, while central and western  locales will see only a few showers.
  • Father’s Day falls on June 18. Plans for taking Dad out and about may be impacted by showers and thunderstorms across much of the country, except for areas from the mid-Atlantic coast through the Ohio Valley and from Texas through Arizona to the Pacific Southwest, where sunny and dry conditions will prevail. Expect to keep the umbrella handy if you are in Atlantic Canada or anywhere from southern Ontario through southern British Columbia. 
  • June 21 marks the summer solstice, the astronomical start of summer. Expect warm to hot temperatures and pop-up thunderstorms across most of the United States, except for sunny and dry conditions from the Appalachians down into northern Florida and from the southern Plains into southern California. Showers and thunderstorms will be the norm over much of Canada, except for the sunny and mild conditions that will prevail over southern Yukon.

June 1 is the Start of Hurricane Season

Don’t forget that the 2023 hurricane season officially starts June 1!  Watch for tropical storms to strike Texas in late July and then again in mid- to late August, when the Deep South will also be threatened. Up north, Atlantic Canada should be on the lookout for a tropical storm or hurricane hit in late August. 
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The Full Summer Forecast

Temperatures for the summer of 2023, on average, will be warmer than average in most of North America. → Read our official summer forecast here!