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August 2023 Weather Forecast: It's Hot, Hot, Hot

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Weather Predications for the Month of August

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Sure, August is a hot month, but August of 2023 will be even warmer than what’s typical, along with the chance of hurricanes and tropical storms. See the long-range forecast summary for the United States and Canada from The Old Farmer’s Almanac weather experts.

August 2023 Forecast: The Heat Persists

Keep in mind that our August 2023 long-range predictions were made over a year ago. However, we’re seeing that summer temperatures are indeed reaching higher-than-average levels. In fact, we’re seeing record heat, especially in the southern tier of the United States. Not only are the heat records on land, but the North Atlantic sea surface temperatures are breaking new records.

In the United States:

On average, August temperatures will be hotter than usual, from the Atlantic Coast westward to the foothills of the Rockies and across central and southern California and all of Alaska; they will be near to below normal elsewhere. 

Conditions will be drier than normal from the eastern seaboard through the Appalachians, from the Heartland to the front range of the Rockies, and across Alaska. Everywhere else should be near or wetter than normal. 

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To the north, in Canada:

August temperatures will be above normal from southern Quebec through the Prairies, across the Yukon, and near to below normal elsewhere. Rainfall will be above normal in many provinces, except for near to below average across Atlantic Canada, southern Ontario, and the southern Northwest Territories.

Celebrate August Holidays

August 1 is Colorado Day, celebrating when the Centennial State was admitted into the Union in 1876. Folks enjoying outdoor activities on this day will encounter mostly sunny and warm conditions, with a few scattered late-day thunderstorms in the southeast portion of the state.

On National S’mores Day, August 10, the skies will be clear for evening campfires from the Atlantic Coast to the Appalachians and the Plains into the Desert Southwest and most of California. Keep the raingear handy elsewhere across the U.S. and most of Canada.

woman's hand with blue nails holding a smore
Celebrate National S’mores Day with our unique and delicious s’more combinations.

August 19 is National Aviation Day in the United States when sunny skies will greet pilots flying from the Appalachians through the Southeast and Deep South and from the Intermountain West to the Pacific Coast. Elsewhere across the country, showers and thunderstorms could alter flight paths.

In the Yukon, folks will celebrate Discovery Day on the third Monday of August 21 to commemorate the discovery of gold in Bonanza Creek in 1896. The day will be sunny and warm for any placer miners who might be hard at work on the streambeds.

On August 26, Women’s Equality Day in the U.S., there will be equal amounts of sun and blue skies along the Atlantic Coast from Boston to Washington, D.C.; across the Appalachians, Great Lakes, and Ohio Valley down to the Gulf Coast; from the Plains to the Intermountain West and Pacific Southwest; and in central Hawaii. Scattered showers and thunderstorms will be arriving elsewhere across the country.

August 30 is National Beach Day! Be prepared to put on sunscreen to protect against the UV rays for the bright and dry conditions along much of the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts; across the Appalachians, eastern Great Lakes, and Ohio Valley through the Heartland and Plains; and over northern California. Elsewhere, though, there may be showers and thunderstorms across the U.S. and Canada. 

Back to School Weather

Those heading back to school will find autumn temperatures in the U.S. warmer than normal from the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes down to the Deep South and west into the Rockies, from the Desert Southwest into interior southern California, and across Alaska and near to below normal elsewhere. Rainfall will be above normal in the Great Lakes and High Plains regions, the southern portions of the Rockies and California, northern Alaska, and Hawaii, and near to below normal elsewhere.

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Much of the United States can expect warm, wet weather as school gets back in session.
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In Canada, autumn temperatures will be warmer than normal from southern Ontario westward across the central and western provinces to the Pacific Coast and near to below normal elsewhere. Rainfall will be below normal in Atlantic Canada and southern Quebec, from western Ontario into the eastern Prairies, and near to above normal elsewhere.

Hurricane Season Update

Hurricane season officially runs through November; see the hurricane names for the 2023 hurricane season. We expect near- to below-normal activity and 2023’s count to fall just a bit short of last year’s. The best chances for tropical storm strikes will be in the Deep South and/or Texas in mid-August. Watch for a tropical storm or hurricane to hit Atlantic Canada in late August.

–Updated with additional information from Bob Smerbeck and Brian Thompson, current meteorologists for The Old Farmer’s Almanac

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