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September 2023 Forecast—Plus, the Labor Day Weather

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What we're predicting for September weather

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September brings Labor Day weekend and thoughts of fall. Will summer’s heat records abate? Here’s the weather outlook for September 2023 from The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

September 2023 Weather

The month’s temperature outlook:

  • Throughout the month of September, we expect cool weather across the northeastern U.S., where there could be some early crispness in the air. 
  • Meanwhile, a warmer-than-average month will create a summerlike feel across the Southeast. 
  • Near- or above-average temperatures are likely from the Midwest back through the Plains. The Northwest, Desert Southwest, and Intermountain West will be cooler than average, while California, Alaska, and Hawaii will be on the warmer side. 
  • Cooler-than-average conditions are expected across much of Canada, although the Yukon and Northwest Territories will lean toward the milder side. This will be great weather for some fall gardening chores.

The month’s precipitation outlook:

  • September looks like a dry month from the Ohio Valley through the eastern U.S. 
  • We expect a wetter-than-normal month from the Great Lakes back through the Upper Midwest and northern Plains and from the Heartland down into the Deep South. 
  • Early-season wet weather will dampen the Pacific Northwest, with California’s precipitation amounts running closer to average. 
  • Southern Alaska and Hawaii will be on the dry side. 
  • Canada will be pretty wet in most areas, although Quebec and the eastern Prairies will have a better chance of being somewhat drier than other places.

What about the rest of the fall? Read our Autumn Weather Forecast to see what’s headed your way!

September Holidays: Labor Day Weather

As summer unofficially comes to an end on September 4 with Labor Day in the U.S., there will be some showers and perhaps even a thunderstorm or two to dodge along the East Coast, although much of this period will turn out to be dry. There will be the threat of some more organized rain from the northern Plains through the Upper Midwest and into parts of the Great Lakes, which could slow travel at times. 

This Labor Day, consider cooking up a platter of Country-Style Root Beer Glazed Ribs!

Even across the West, there is the potential for some rain in the Pacific Northwest and even a shower or two across portions of California. The Desert Southwest and southern Rockies will be the best places to have a late-summer barbecue. There will be a few showers across Alaska, with some sunshine and normal trade wind showers in Hawaii. Labor Day can be a great time to garden too! We have a list of Labor Day Gardening Tips.

Labour Day in Canada is looking to be pretty wet across the Maritimes and western parts of the country. The best chances for some sunshine and drier weather will occur in Ontario, Quebec, and the Yukon and Northwest Territories, where any precipitation that is around should be spotty. Much of the country will be on the chillier side.

Grandparents Day, on the 10th, should be a dry day with some sunshine for spending time outside across much of the East, although there could be some late-season heat along the coast. There will be a few spotty showers in the Northeast and Florida, but most locales will be dry. Temperatures look to be warm from the southern Plains through the Ohio Valley, with sunshine and scattered showers and thunderstorms about. The Great Lakes could see some steadier rain at times. Showers will be moving through the Rockies and Pacific Northwest, while California should be sunny and pleasantly mild. Canada will tend to be cooler than average, with a few showers. The best opportunities for some sunshine will occur in the Yukon and Northwest Territories.

On September 23, the Autumn Equinox will arrive, and it will officially be fall! See our October 2023 weather forecast.

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