Ann Herrmann's Maple Barbecue Ribs


1-1/4 cup or 4 servings

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The Old Farmers Almanac online or book form?

Is the old Farmers Almanac an actual book or just something that you would release one recipe at a time?

About The Old Farmer's Almanac

Yes, The Old Farmer’s Almanac is a book that is published every year. It’s North America’s most popular periodical and oldest almanac, having been continuously published since 1792 when George Washington was president!  Today, we have both the original print as well as an online edition.  We publish annually in August/September. You can find the Almanac in stores where magazines and books are sold and also learn more online here: .   We also offer a new monthly digital magazine called EXTRA! which offers additional content 12 times per year and you can the EXTRA! subscription here: . Finally, we also have wonderful Almanac cookbooks which you can find here. Hope this answers your question (and more!).