Aroostook Potato And Broccoli Soup


4 to 6 servings

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I have a half sack of

I have a half sack of potatoes and some garlic going sideways .. this is handy .. and one of those recipes that is easy to remember.

Potato (and broccoli) soup

Potato (and broccoli) soup without either onions or garlic?!? What's the kitchen coming to? I'll try it, but I can almost guarantee that what comes out of the pot will taste very different than what's on the page!

A recipe is like a road map.

A recipe is like a road map. It is only there as a suggestion. Then you decide if you want the short-cut or the scenic route..

Comments shared by readers

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This is very, very good! I make it thick so I can cover chicken breasts and bake them for a heavenly flavor and tons of nutrition. – Anonymous Review

Simple to make - simply delicious!! Nice on a cold night. – Anonymous Review

Yummy!!!! I have made it 3 times already. PS: my husband is from Aroostook County... Van Buren Maine... Dawn – Reviewed by Dawn Arciere

All of my friends enjoy it too. Thank You. – Anonymous Review

This was a very easy and tasty recipe. Although it serves eight, two of us finished it off in two nights! Definitely worth trying. – Anonymous Review

Delicious even slimmed down. I used skim milk and fat free half and half. I also used 2% cheese and it was still the best. – Reviewed by lynda laroche

Loved it – Reviewed by Rhonda Holcomb

Great soup! Hearty and tasty. – Anonymous Review

Keep making this great recipe and have given copies to everyone I know! The potatoes and broccoli combination is super....enjoy! – Reviewed by Viv St.Hilaire

Simple, quick, and delicious. I put some grilled chicken breast in mine to satisfy my carnivorous husband. The kids loved it too! – Reviewed by cynthia basden