Basic Pie Pastry


Makes one 9- to 10-inch crust.

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What about butter flavor

What about butter flavor Crisco?

Hi, Cindy. We know that

Hi, Cindy. We know that everyone has their favorite pie crust and everyone has an opinion about butter vs shortening. This recipe uses butter, but if you prefer shortening, perhaps this is a good pie crust to try:

Nope. Use crisco, not butter

Nope. Use crisco, not butter. Water will vary depending on room temperature and humidity. (I live in Arizona, and it takes more ice water.) Sugar is not necessary; put a sprinkle in bottom crust before adding filling. Never, ever use a food processor. Simply add Crisco one-half at a time and blend with pastry tool til it looks like small peas. Then, add water. I've been doing this for 50 years and my mother before me.