Fettuccine With Mushrooms and Clove Pinks


6 servings

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Clove Pinks? What is that and

Clove Pinks? What is that and where would one find it or them? Couldn't chopped parsley or basil work as well?

i think you can get pinks

i think you can get pinks from your florist by special order.. whole foods or fresh market.. greenhouse... maybe nastursiums could work, but not basil or parsley.. although you can surely use basil or parsley, its going to change the flavor. you might not even like pinks. its more like eating a carnation sprinkle. which our mothers told us don't eat out of the yard, unless she planted foods.

Clove pinks (also known as

Clove pinks (also known as dianthus) have a spicy and mild clove flavor. We don't think replacing them with parsley or basil would give you quite the flavor you are looking for in this dish. They are easily grown at home or can be purchased at specialty stores.