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Ginger Cider Drink

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This fabulous Ginger Cider is simple but offers a healthy, natural, delicious twist on plain cider which will delight both you and your guests. Enjoy this refreshingly sweet, crunchy, autumn drink—filled with antioxidants for your health!

Watch gardener and nutritonist Patty Sanders make the Ginger Cider on a beautiful fall day! And see the full recipe below.

See How to Make Ginger Cider

Patty Sanders has a BA in Nutrition and she is also a certified herbalist. For over 10 years, Patty has taught nutrition and wellness at Purdue University Extension in Indiana. She is an avid gardener, cyclist, and dancer and enjoys bringing nature, health, and fun to all! Patty is also the founder of the Chicas Fit Facebook group, connecting the Latinx population to gardening and outdoor fitness.

1-1/2 cups water
2 sticks cinnamon
2 cups of apple cider
1-1/2 inch of peeled ginger, cut into medium-size pieces
1 apple, chopped into small pieces
Ice, as desired.
Optional: 1/4 cup pomegranate seeds
  1. Boil water. Then simmer with 2 cinnamon sticks for 10 to 15 minutes. Let the “cinnamon tea” cool if time. 
  2. Add the cinnamon tea plus the apple cider to a glass container or pitcher.
  3. Take half of the ginger pieces and press out the juice with a garlic presser. (Or, grate the ginger root if you don’t have a press.)
  4. Add other 1/2 of ginger as small pieces. 
  5. Add chopped apple.
  6. Add ice.
  7. Optional: Decorate on top with pomegranate seeds.
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Patty Sanders

Patty Sanders is a certified herbalist and professional nutritionist for Purdue University Extension. Read More from Patty Sanders