Janet's Zucchini Relish


10 cups grated zucchini
5 medium-size onions, chopped
1/2 cup chopped red bell pepper
1 cup chopped green bell pepper
2 large tomatoes, chopped
3 large stalks celery, diced
1/2 cup salt
2-1/2 cups white vinegar
4 cups sugar
2 teaspoons freshly ground black pepper
1-1/4 teaspoons powdered mustard
1 teaspoon turmeric
1 teaspoon ground allspice
2-1/2 teaspoons celery seed
1 tablespoon cornstarch dissolved in 1/4 cup cool water


In a large glass or stainless steel bowl, combine the zucchini, onion, red and green peppers, tomatoes, and celery. Add the salt and stir well. Place a plate right on the vegetables and press down (a stack of smaller bowls works well). Let stand overnight.

In the morning, drain the vegetables and rinse well 2 or 3 times until most of the salty taste is gone. Transfer to a large stainless steel pot and add the vinegar, sugar, black pepper, mustard, turmeric, allspice, celery seed, and cornstarch-water mixture. Stir well. Simmer for 45 minutes, or until the sauce is clear. Fill ½-pint or 1-pint jars with the relish, cover, and process in a boiling-water bath for 10 minutes for ½-pint jars or 15 minutes for 1-pint jars.


3-1/2 pints


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Is it possible to make relish

Is it possible to make relish without doing the salt bath? I have to watch for salt

The salt bath helps to draw

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The salt bath helps to draw out some of the water from the zucchini so that the relish doesn't get too watery. Most of the salt will be dissolved in the water and drained off. You can try to make the relish without the salt bath and cook it a bit longer until it is the desired consistency.