Pink Dandelion Wine

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I am new to this, and I was

I am new to this, and I was wondering if I can make half of this recipe, or if that is not a good idea? Also, I have been unable to find a yeast cake at any of our local grocery stores and wondering if there is any substitution?

Hi, Rachel! Welcome!

Hi, Rachel! Welcome!

We always recommend when trying a new recipe to follow it to a T the first time. You can find substitutions for common ingredients (such as a yeast cake) in our handy chart: .

Dandelion Wine Reminder

As with any kind of fermentation process, make sure all equipment is sanitized. Making my first batch right now. Six days in, and batch #1 is still bubbling. It will be interesting to taste end product. The juice, going in, was scrumptious. It will be difficult to wait until December.