Dandelion Jelly

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Considering how sweet

Considering how sweet dandelion blossom tea is, isn't sugar in the jelly overkill?

I made this . It is delicious

I made this . It is delicious ! But i cant find any great recipes.. for appetizers.. ideas ? Other than on toast.. there must be a delicious appetizer idea out there somewhere !

Hi, Mary! Have you tried

Hi, Mary! Have you tried adding some dandelion jelly to morning oatmeal or using it in place of other jelly in peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? 

Dandelion jelly

I do not have dandelions in my yard ☹️ Is there a place to order them ?

Seeing as dandelions are

Seeing as dandelions are weeds, we doubt you will be able to purchase them anywhere. You will have to rely on the kindness of your neighbors and friends to share their dandelions. Be sure they are free of chemicals!

Hiya Carla,

Hiya Carla,
Check out Seedsnow.com, they sell dandelion seeds in a sample pack for $.99

Nichols Garden Nursery sells

Nichols Garden Nursery sells the seeds. Cultivated dandelions are a crop in themselves, and are a little tamer than wild dandelions. Also, since you know for sure where you planted them, you will be able to recognize and harvest the leaves as soon as possible. But if you don't harvest the flowers before they go to seed, your neighbors will hate you forever!

Wonderful recipe. Jelly

Wonderful recipe. Jelly tastes just like honey!
Is there anything else you can do with the left over liquid (besides make more jelly)?

You can use the leftover

You can use the leftover dandelion liquid as a face wash or as a final rinse after shampooing your hair.

I was looking for a recipe to

I was looking for a recipe to use up the dandelions in my yard. I had a lot this year and thought I would try something new. I'd heard of dandelion wine, but needed something that would take less time to make.

This fit the bill very nicely. I made the 3-cup batch as the recipe states, but there is quite a bit more liquid left over, so I decided to make more jelly with the remainder. I ended up with around 6 pints when I was all finished. Not bad for only 1 qt of flowers.

I used liquid pectin on the second batch and I think I prefer the powdered form for making this jelly.

I also used the boiling method of sealing the containers. I did not use the paraffin seal on either batch. I placed the jars back into the boiling water after sealing to make sure the outside of the jars were sterilized. This also seemed to make the jelly very clear (still yellow). I think all the air bubbles floated to the top after being heated in this way.

I hope others get enjoyment out of this recipe. And thank you for posting it!

I get my yard mowed tomorrow

I get my yard mowed tomorrow and wanted to harvest the dandelions before then. Plan on using them any way I can, love greens anyway. Thanks for the info. DH