Fried Dandelion Blossoms

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The bitterness doesn't bother

The bitterness doesn't bother 80% of those who eat the fried blossoms. However, I've had my science classes make dandelion donuts for decades, and in that time have had several people vomit due to the bitterness. Dr. Peter Gail showed me how to "squeeze" the non-bitter yellow flowers free of the bitter, green receptacle. It is quick and easy with a bit of practice, and results in dandelion donuts that everyone can enjoy.

Dandelion donuts? YUM!

Dandelion donuts? YUM!

Dandelion doughnuts recipe

I’m going to pick some dandelions today would love this recipe . Thanks have a great day .

Avoid any bitterness by

Avoid any bitterness by removing the bitter tasting green receptacle at the base of the flower. It can be cut off with scissors or a paring knife, or can be removed by pinching, squeezing, and rolling the receptacle until the yellow flowers come free.