Dandelion Pesto


3-1/2 cups

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Dandelion Pesto

Thanks so much for the recipe. I may have it today for lunch!

My grandmother from Bari, Italy (Nana) lived with us in her late years and one of many fond memories is seeing her in the yard gathering dandelions in the spring.

How and where does one

How and where does one collect dandelion greens/leaves? Thank you.

Dandelion greens contain

Dandelion greens contain mineral salts. Adding more salt to the recipe is unnecessary. I make my pesto with dandelion greens alone, no basil. So good! Early spring nettles used fresh (uncooked) make a fine pesto. The pulverizing of the nettles in the food processor takes away the sting.


Thank you so much for affirming my thoughts about the dandelionpesto . i 'll go right ahead and try the lovely nettles along the chickenrun ... our 'Watermaalse Baardkriel's wouldn't mind , picky as they are ..
Where does your forumname come from ?
Seems like an awful lot of cheddar too me !
Bye !


OOOOOOOOOOOps no big amount of cheese there ..
but the great cedartree !
sowree +o}