Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

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Garlic harvesting

I turn to Old Farmer's Almanic for a lot of questions. They always answer my questions and give me more. In this article I even got a recipe that I will definitely make. Thank you

Yikes, I just throw cleaned

Yikes, I just throw cleaned cloves of fresh garlic in the potato water, drain water after potatoes ha ave cooked and mash away. YUM
Yes, I like roasted garlic too. Sometime there isn't time....


Another trick to great mashed potatoes -- Use 6-8 Yukon Gold, 6-8 Red, and 1-2 Russets, (leave a bit of skin on red & gold, but completely peel Russet). Put 1-2 yellow onions, (cleaned/halved), and 8-10 whole garlic cloves as Debby said. When the potatoes are done cooking, (the onion and garlic will be too), drain and mash with cream/milk/butter/'lil bit EVOO, that's been nuked 1-2 minutes. S&P to taste. Fabulous! (Yup, I cook for a crowd of 12-15 relatives).