Soft Pretzels


Makes 6 pretzels.

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These are a delightful, and

These are a delightful, and what a super quick and easy method -- I've also made boiled versions, but this is so much easier! We do better with softer, less glutenous flours and I swapped in our spelt/sprouted wheat/millet blend and it worked just perfectly. Great recipe, we will definitely be adding these to our "keeper' recipe file! Thank you for sharing :)

pretzel questions

I see 1 tsp sugar in the ingredients but do not see this added to the dough. I thought pretzels were boiled like bagels.

A teaspoon of sugar

Makes the medicine go down … and the pretzels just a little sweet. See above, Laurel, that the 1 teaspoon sugar is combined with ¼ hot water in a small bowl and brushed on the pretzels before baking.

As for boiled like bagels, some pretzels may be. These are not. This is a different way to make pretzels and, depending on your experience or interest, perhaps a bit easier.



That's encouraging!

Not sure if you made the pretzels and this is the result, Nancy, or if you want to make them. Either way, we second that emotion! Thanks for your comment.