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Vegetable Garden Planner Review: Shannon Hughes

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A dog lays down next to a small garden in the middle of a field
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Mr. Shannon J. Hughes

Classic Backyard Garden Plan

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His wife thinks he may go overboard but also there’s no question that Mr. Shannon J. Hughes’s garden plan is productive! See this classic backyard vegetable garden (and awesome dog Cleo!) with some smart ideas such as his wide rows for easy maintenance.

Hughes Garden Story

Our garden is a backyard garden on our personal plot of land and is first and foremost for providing fresh and processed foods for our personal consumption. My wife suggests that I may go overboard at times with the amount of items planted and thus we almost always have a surplus to share with friends and family. 

Lately I have been experimenting more with more unique varieties. This past year, some favorites were Sweet Potatoes, Japanese White Hulless popcorn, Bloody Butcher Corn and Pink Eyed Purple Hull Cowpeas. 

Going to a semi-permanent wide row approach with dedicated pathways covered with mulch/ wood chips made maintenance so much easier. I could get into the garden immediately, even following heavy rains.
This also made the idea of improving sections of the garden with compost, etc not so overwhelming as it allowed me to plan one bed at a time rather than thinking about the whole garden at once. 

Crop rotation and seasonal planting was made easier with the help of the Garden Planner software. Now if only the Garden Planner could help us win the battle with the dreaded squash bugs we fight annually! Ha ha.

Editor’s Tips: To create wide “raised” rows, mound up the soil about 1-foot across with a furrow along each side for deep watering. You want crops within an arm’s reach for easy watering, and don’t make the row too long so it’s not a chore to walk to the other side.

Hughes Garden Plan

(Ohio, U.S.A.)

The Results! Hughes Garden Photos

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