20 St. Patrick's Day Recipes

Traditional Irish Dinner Recipes, Desserts, Breads

St. Patrick's Recipes Soda Bread
Catherine Boeckmann

Our 20 best St. Patrick’s Day recipes—including soda bread, corned beef and cabbage, hearty Irish stew, and Colcannon—come from our many Irish-American readers!

Many of these recipes contributed by readers were passed down across many generations. We have more versions of Irish Soda Bread than we could count, so if you don’t like the recipe we listed below, search our Web site!

Irish Bread Recipes

Click here for the Irish Soda Bread recipe featured in the video below.

Irish Oatmeal Scones

Murphy’s Irish Toast

Irish Tea Brack

Traditional Irish Dinner Recipes

Corned Beef and Cabbage  

Credit: Catherine Boeckmann

Pot Roast, Irish-Style

Irish Beef Stew

Corned Beef Brisket With Spring Vegetables

Irish Lamb Stew

Braised Lamb Shanks

Lazy Man’s Beef Stew

Credit: Catherine Boeckmann

Irish-Style Potatoes

Irish Potato Pie

Irish Potato Biscuits

Bella Cullen’s Colcannon

Credit: FoodWishes

Guaranteed Smashed Potatoes

Irish-Style Breakfast

Irish Eggs

Corned Beef Hash With Poached Egg: Fantastic the morning after St. Patrick’s Day if you have leftover corned beef!

St. Patrick’s Day Desserts

Bake up some Irish-themed treats for a sweet ending to St. Patrick’s Day!

Darby Cream Pie

Olive’s Shortbread

Luck of the Irish Peppermint Brownies

Credit: Catherine Boeckmann

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