Predicting Weather Using a Persimmon Seed

Winter Weather Folklore


According to weather folklore, you can predict winter weather with a persimmon seed. Here’s how to do it! Plus, enjoy recipes for persimmon pudding and persimmon bread.

Persimmons are small orange fruits the size of a plum. The fruits may be sold anywhere, but the trees usually grow in zones 6 or warmer. 


How to Predict Weather With a Persimmon Seed

Cut open a persimmon seed. (The fruit should be locally-grown to reflect your weather.)

Wait to pick the fruit until it is soft—almost mushy.


Look at the shape of the kernel inside.

  • If the kernel is spoon-shaped, expect plenty of snow to shovel.
  • If it is fork-shaped, plan on a mild winter with powdery, light snow.
  • If the kernel is knife-shaped, expect frigid winds that will “cut” like a blade.

That’s it! Now, cut open a persimmon and tell us what you see. (The answer depends on where you live.)

Here’s a close-up of a spoon. Get out the shovel!

Persimmon Seed Split Open
Photo credit: Tammie Dooley/

Another favorite tradition for predicting winter weather is to use a woolly bear caterpillar.

Or, check out how The Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts the weather!

Persimmon Recipes

Persimmons have a unique fall flavor that is similar to pumpkin. Most persimmons are the “hachiya” variety. The fruit is very tart so it’s often considered a baking fruit, adding its sweet flavor and moistness to pudding, bread, and pie. Persimmons can also be made into dried fruit, jam, ice cream, and even alcohol.

A ripe persimmon has a “squishy” body and a creamy texture. Ripen persimmons at room temperature. Place in a paper bag to speed up ripening.

Persimmon Pudding

Persimmon pudding is a baked dessert with the taste of pumpkin and the texture of gingerbread.  This persimmon pudding recipe is from the “Indiana Nut Growers Cookbook” (1995), courtesy of the Indiana Nutgrowers Association.  


2 Cups persimmon pulp
2 Cups sugar
3 small eggs
½ stick (4 Tablespoons) margarine
1 teaspoon baking soda
½ Cup buttermilk
1-¾ Cups sweet cream (or milk)
1 teaspoon cinnamon
2 Tablespoons additional persimmon pulp
1-¾ Cups flour
1 teaspoon baking powder


  1. Mix together the persimmon pulp, sugar and eggs.  
  2. Mix baking soda with buttermilk and add to mixture in bowl.  
  3. Melt margarine in baking pan and add to mixture.
  4. Sift flour and baking powder together and add alternately with cream or milk.  Add cinnamon and mix well.  
  5. Fold in the additional 2 Tablespoons persimmon pulp.  
  6. Pour into 13 x 9-inch metal pan and bake at 350 °F for 55-60 minutes.  Be careful not to over bake.

Serve with a dollop of whipped cream and enjoy!


Every September, the city of Mitchell, Indiana, hosts the Persimmon Festival. Their persimmon pudding is famous!


This Persimmon Bread recipe comes courtesy of The Old Farmer’s Almanac Readers’ Best Recipes cookbook!

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Spoon 2018

Here in Arkansas, Just cut open 2 yesterday Both Spoons.


We found spoons in our NE Oklahoma seeds!!!

No seeds.

I've cut open five different varieties of persimmons here in Oregon and not a one had any seeds. What variety do I need and where do I find them if I don't have my own tree?


The variety of persimmon shouldn’t make much difference (unless it is a seedless variety), but the important thing is that the fruit is locally-grown. You’ll want to check with local farmstands or farmers’ markets and ask where the persimmon is grown and whether it is a seedless variety or not.

Persimmon Seed Forcast

Greenfield ,IN. It's sure a Spoon here in central Indiana.


Nice big spoon here in York County SC

Persimmon seed

Big Spoon in Whitsett. NC

South-Central Mo. Ozarks

All knifes here...

persimmon seeds

I live in Arkansas and my kids have opened 58 seeds and all but 2 had shovels. I sure hope it is accurate. I am looking forward to snow.

Persimmon Prediction

Found spoons in the Persimmon seeds here in the Piedmont of NC! Yay! Snow!!!

i live in East Tennessee and

i live in East Tennessee and are persimmon seeds show a knife. Glad its not a spoon.

SE OHIO persimmon weather prediction

I opened 4 seed got 3 spoons outta 4. The 4th one I messed up on the opening. So if this is right it looks like a snowy winter.

persimmon seeds

My persimmon seeds that I cut open this afternoon both had spoons. Georgetown Tennessee will be very snowy this winter.

Persimmon Seed Weather Prediction SE Oklahoma

People here in SE Oklahoma are seeing spoons in all the persimmon seeds. Looks like there might be a white Christmas in store for us!

Persimmon seed

Opened two persimmon seeds this afternoon both were spoons very visable! I live thirty min. West of Chattanooga, Tn. My Daddy showed me how to open the seeds when I was eight years old 54 years ago!

Weather prediction for 2017-2018

We got a spoon several times, in Columbus, Indiana

Persimmons and Weather Prediction

Glad person in NE OK commented. I live in Tulsa and now it seems we should have lots of snow but not ice. We will see! It is the ice that I dislike. I have my special place I gather them. Being of modest means, I am so grateful to have this in winter. I freeze them and eat them out of hand slightly thawed.


Here in Northeastern Oklahoma, home of the Cherokees, My family and I have found all spoons! We have opened about 4 persimmons. We love snow! Yay!

Watkinsville. Ga.

we have knife in our persimmon.

Where would I find trees to purchase?

I live in northwest Ohio and have never seen a persimmon tree or fruit and would like to plant some. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Persimmon Trees

There are tree nurseries which sell Persimmon Trees. For example, try Stark Brothers ( They have a zip code locator to tell you if their trees fit your location.

Persimmon seeds

In an early ripened fruit here in western Ky I am seeing knives!

the beavers!!1!1!!!

omg!!! the persimmons are spoons in MO and the beavers are breeding!!!! happy days happy days!!!!


My persimmons do not have seeds like the posting shows. I believe I have the hachiya kind. Is is possible I might have a cross-breed type or is it the other type that has the brown seeds?

'Hachiya' persimmon

The ‘Hachiya’ persimmon has raisin-size dark seeds, and it is identifiable by its acorn-shape fruit. It is possible you have a ‘Yemon’ persimmon, which is similar looking (though not as oblong) but can be seedless; if it does contain seeds, they are surrounded by dark flesh–a good identifying characteristic.


Persimmon Tree

We have a tree in our back yard and it is full of persimmons! My husband throws them out to the deer. My grandmother had ask me for some to make a pudding and was also curious as to what was inside the seeds.I had never heard of this but was also curious myself. We opend 12 seeds and each one had a spoon. So it looks like NC will be seeing some heavy snow this winter!

Flower Mound, TX

All spoons thus far. Our kiddos have their fingers crossed for SNOW!!

North Texas Spoons

I pulled 4 persimmons off our tree and had 18 seeds, 17 were spoons, and one knife. Maybe we'll finally have some of that white flaky stuff called snow!

i love FA.. love the stories

i love FA.. love the stories and predictions. thanks. (:

Merced, Ca. SPOONS!!!

Merced, Ca. SPOONS!!!