Best Maple Syrup Recipes

February 2, 2016
Maple Syrup
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Today most people pour maple syrup onto pancakes or use it in dessert recipes. But maple syrup is a versatile ingredient. Here are some recipes for making breakfast, lunch, and dinner just a little sweeter.

The History of Maple Syrup

We have Native Americans to thank for discovering maple syrup, although the exact telling of the tale varies.

According to one legend, a chief stuck his tomahawk into a maple tree one spring night. In the morning, he pulled it out and went off hunting. His wife had placed a container under the tree, and the clear, watery sap dripped into it. Later, she needed water to cook some meat. She thought the liquid in the bucket was water, so she used it. As it cooked, the water evaporated until syrup was left. The sweet meat was the best they had ever tasted, and soon the entire tribe was cooking with maple sap. 

Maple Syrup Trivia

  • Maple sugar was the most common sweetener in the northern United States and Canada until the late 1800s, when white sugar took its place.
  • The northeastern United States and southeastern Canada are the only places in the world where sugar maples grow naturally and weather conditions are right to harvest sap.

Maple Syrup Recipes

Maple Granola

This healthful granola is great with yogurt or eaten straight out of the container!

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Maple Teriyaki Chicken

A hint of maple mellows the sweet-sour flavor of teriyaki. For party food, prepare recipe using chicken wings.

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Maple-Orange Glazed Vegetables

This easy glaze can be added to a variety of vegetables and is particularly good with baked squash—just brush it on during the last few minutes of cooking.

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Maple Mustard

This spicy, sweet mustard is excellent with smoked meats or in sandwiches. Add a little to mayonnaise for potato or pasta salads.

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Here at the Almanac, we call maple syrup, “liquid gold.” How is maple syrup made? Read this article about, “Maple Syrup: A Natural Wonder.”

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Maple Syrup

The 2 ingredients I use when cooking are garlic and Maple Grove Farms Maple Syrup ,.


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