The Best-Ever Carrot Cake


Cream Cheese Frosting


About 24 two-inch squares

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The Best EVER Carrot Cake

Yes "ever" should be in all caps; as this is the best carrot cake EVER! My husband is a "die for carrot cake" kind of guy and will travel miles to a well-made moist carrot cake. So I decided to give the recipe a try and the cake is very, very, very good. The twist in this recipe are the pineapple tidbits (I used crushed) which give the cake a tropical taste. Also, the way the recipe is put together gives it that moisture and fluffy texture. Ya know, I should have added few more "verys", and some "wows" and maybe "Oh----my----goodness" to describe this cake. Thanks for the recipe, I know I will be asked to make this cake over and over again.

the BEST!

We are loving your happiness! Thanks so much for letting us know how much you—and your husband—enjoy this!

best carrot cake

I received a similar recipe in the early 70's. I started substituting homemade apple sauce for the oil. It's the best! I've never eaten another carrot cake that is so moist!

Carrot cake with applesauce

Hi, using applesauce sounds perfect to me. Can you please tell me how much you used, Linda Mixer.

Just love the old time

Just love the old time recipes. Nothing better to bring back old memories.
Thanks so much for posting.

This is by far the best

This is by far the best carrot cake recipe. I have been making this one for the last 20 years and it never disappoints.

Absolutely melt-in-your-mouth

Absolutely melt-in-your-mouth delicious——this from a person who usually passes on carrot cake. It would benefit from a few raisins because that is a traditional ingredient, but it doesn't need them. A guarantee of goodness, indeed!


it's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice and glorious.
l so much love it.


it's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice and glorious.
l so much love it. and I will be glad to learn how to make it on my own.