Dog-Days Iced Tea


6–8 servings

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Leave the recipe be. It is

Leave the recipe be. It is created from the person submitting it, and he/she did not ask for opinions or changes.

why use chemicals or

why use chemicals or artificial anything? The idea is to refresh, relax and enjoy....not gorge and o/d

natural is better for your being, anyway...throw the pink & blue packets away

not good to generalise...some

not good to generalise...some of us are DIABETIC and can not use sugar or honey or fructrose, and even worse, some of us are DIABETIC AND VERY ALLERGIC and thus can not use the stevia no cal sweeteners either. just you know, not everything works for everyone. i am very health conscious, but to sweeten anyting at all, i HAVE to turn to saccharin because i am a very brittle diabetic. this tea sounds awesome without the sugar, will try it for sure.

*I use Barry's Irish

*I use Barry's Irish Breakfast Tea.
*Honey for sweetness, I have Type 2 Diabetes and it doesn't throw my blood sugar off as badly as granulated sugar does.
*Lemon and Lime OR Mint, haven't tried mixing them yet, but I will. Thanks for the recipe!

LOL!!!! is there even any

LOL!!!! is there even any other tea worth drinking other than Barry's? that is all we have in our house as well!!! along with kerrygold butter and cheeses! :)

Stevia for sweetener is a

Stevia for sweetener is a fantastic idea and works awesome if you can't use sugar. I stay away from synthetic sweeteners, and personally like the flavor of Stevia... and Laurie is right, a little goes a long way. I grow my own.

Try using Bigelow's Constant

Try using Bigelow's Constant Comment... replace the 1 !/2 c. oj with water and brew about 4 CC teabags with the other teas. It has a subtle orange flavor, along with delicious spices. Then, instead of Splenda, try Stevia. It's a natural sweetener without all the chemicals. Just be careful... a little goes a LONG way!

a very good idea about the CC

a very good idea about the CC tea...i grew up with that aroma because my grandma drank it alot...good idea.....

Hey try it and see. You

Hey try it and see. You could also elimated the orange juice altogether and just have the sliced fruit in the tea to add flavor. Also could substitute something like crystal light for the orange flavor.

Would it be OK to use Splenda

Would it be OK to use Splenda for sugar substitute and orange extract for an orange juice substitute? This sounds great for our Texas summers, but a risk for diabetes. I don't know of another thing to substitute for orange juice. Any suggestions?

just a thought, a small

just a thought, a small amount of orange extract would impart flavor but no fruit sugars, if added when the tea was hot it would " burn off" some of the alcohol in the extract - if that type was used.