Grilled Cantaloupe With Prosciutto

Grilled Appetizer


1/2 pound Prosciutto
3 cups cut cantaloupe
Optional: lime juice


Roll Prosciutto around cantaloupe and put into barbecue basket. Grill on direct medium-high heat for 5 minutes on each side for a delicious treat. 

Another option is to grill the melon and proscuitto on skewers. Cut the cantaloupe into wedges. Then wrap each one with a thin slice of meat and thread onto the skewer. Grill 1 minute, flip, and grill another minute. When finished, the melon and meat should be slightly browned; if not, grill for another minute or two.

Optional: Drizzle with lime juice or balsamic vinegar. You could also serve with an herb sauce or mint chutney.



6 Servings

Total Time

15 Minutes

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