Grilled French Onion


1 sweet onion, large
1 beef bouillon cube


Peel the onion leaving the root end undisturbed. Cut a 1-inch deep hole into the top center of the onion (think of coring an apple). Make two slices crosswise almost completely through to the root end. Place bouillon cube in the hole and a pat of butter between each crosscut. Wrap in aluminum foil tightly. Put on grill for 15 or 20 minutes. Serve individual onions in foil.


1 serving


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I don't understand the instructions for this recipe. "Cut a circle"? "Slice crosswise"? These aren't clear at all to me. Plus, the picture of onions included with the recipe are NOT the onions of the recipe! The pictured onions plainly have grill marks, are not completely peeled, are not sliced, and have no "circles" cut into one end, while the recipe onions have all these preparations and wrapped tightly in foil, thereby leaving no grill marks. This was the most confusing recipe I've ever seen in the Farmer's Almanac.

grilled onions

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Thank you for your feedback, Mark. We have tried to make the directions more clear.

Thank you, but...

Thanks for making the cutting instructions clear now. However, this recipe won't result in the delicious-looking browned onions in the photo --- the foil wrap will prevent them from browning, I'd like to know how the onions in the photo were prepared; obviously a different recipe.


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Upon further review, we agree that the photo was incorrect for this recipe, so we have removed it for now. Thanks!

awesome thought --

awesome thought -- cinnamon-sugar baked onion. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

I actually saw this on Food

I actually saw this on Food Network a couple of years back. I think it was on Paula Dean.