Stuffed French Toast


Unsliced loaf of Italian bread
can of Creme de Coconut, (drink mix display)
one package Mounds shredded coconut
2-3 bananas
3-6 eggs
half cup milk or cream
cinnamon powder
Marishino cherrys and whipped cream for garnish


Slice bread into 2 inch sections. Take bread knive and cut along the bottom of each slice to open a slit, then take the point of your knife and open a pocket the lingth of the slice. Try not to pierce the top crust.

Mix the Creme de Coconut with a generous amount of the shredded coconut, add sliced or chopped bananas.

Combine sugar with cinnamon, set aside.

Blend eggs and cream/milk

Melt tablespoon or two of butter in fry pan. Dip stuffed bread in egg/milk batter, fry until lightly brown on each side, flop in cinnamon/sugar, top with whipped cream and cherry. Serve while warm


6-8 slices

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