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Herb Omelet

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Makes 2 servings.
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“You can’t let your annual herbs go to seed too early, or they’ll stop growing. They’re also not as tasty after they’ve blossomed, so I pull off any buds as soon as I see them. I harvest herbs all summer long, for immediate eating or for drying and freezing.”

4 eggs, separated
3 tablespoons milk or cream
2 teaspoons raw bran
Dash of black pepper
Salt (optional)
2 teaspoons butter
1-1/2 tablespoons fresh chopped herbs: a combination of chives, parsley, basil, thyme, chervil, or your favorites

In a bowl, beat egg yolks until thick and light yellow. Add milk, bran, pepper, and salt if desired, and mix thoroughly.

In a separate bowl, beat egg whites until stiff. Gently fold yolk mixture into egg whites.

Melt butter in omelet pan or frying pan over medium-low heat. Pour in egg mixture. When omelet is nearly set, add mixed herbs and fold over. Cook until completely set.

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