Zucchini Brownies


Makes 20 brownies.

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Great recipe!! I messed up

Great recipe!! I messed up put choc chips in batter instead on top seem fine.

I made these for my family

I made these for my family reunion and they were gobbled up! They were very good, and the kids didn't even know there was zuc in them! Had lots of requests for the recipe. Definitely making them again.

Sounds like a delicious

Sounds like a delicious brownie! I've got lots of zuke from picking in the valley the other day and a friend mentioned making zucchini brownies. I normally make zucchini bread but am going to try this brownie reipce.

A few substitutions

For the sake of our taste preferences, and a touch healthier, I reduced the amount of butter to 1/2 c. and reduced the amount of sugar by half as well. I added some turmeric powder, and used almond milk, and omitted the choc chips. This is a great recipe! They turned out very moist and plenty sweet for me!

I found your alternate recipe

I found your alternate recipe interesting - What does the turmeric do in the recipe? does it bring out the flavour of the chocolate ? or something else?