Spring Equinox 2018: The First Day of Spring

March Equinox Date | Vernal Equinox

Welcome Spring Equinox

The spring equinox (also called the March equinox or vernal equinox) falls on Tuesday, March 20, 2018, at 12:15 P.M. EDT. This event marks the astronomical first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Enjoy our spring equinox facts, folklore, photos, and more!

When is the First Day of Spring?

The spring equinox always occurs on March 19, 20, or 21. 

Year Spring Equinox (Northern Hemisphere)
2018 Tuesday, March 20, at 12:15 P.M. EDT
2019 Wednesday, March 20, at 5:58 P.M. EDT
2020 Friday, March 19, at 11:50 P.M. EDT

What Does the March Equinox Mean?

The word equinox comes from Latin words which literally means “equal night”—aequus (equal) and nox (night). 

On the equinox, the length of day and night is nearly equal in all parts of the world. 

With the equinox, enjoy the increasing sunlight hours, with earlier dawns and later sunsets. See your personalized Sun rise and set calculator.

Image: On the equinox, Earth’s two hemispheres are receiving the Sun’s rays about equally. 

What Happens at the March Equinox?

On the March Equinox, the Sun crosses the celestial equator from south to north. It’s called the “celestial equator”  because it’s an imaginary line in the sky above the Earth’s equator.

If you were standing on the equator, the Sun would pass directly overhead on its way north. 

Equinoxes are the only two times a year that Sun only rises due east and sets due west for all of us on Earth!

While the Sun passes overhead, the tilt of the Earth is zero relative to the Sun, which means that Earth’s axis neither points toward nor away from the Sun. (Note, however, that the Earth never orbits upright, but is always tilted on its axis by about 23.5 degrees.)

After the Spring equinox, the Norther Hemisphere tilts toward the Sun, which is why we start to get longer, sunnier days

Read more about the reason for the seasons.

Crocus field spring
Crocuses are a sure sign of Spring!

Spring Equinox FAQs

Q: Is The First Day of Spring Always March 20?

A: No, it’s not always March 20. And your answer also depends on your definition of the “first day of spring.”  Both are accurate; they’re just a different perspective. We’ll explain …

Astronomically speaking, the first day of spring is marked by the spring equinox, which falls on March 19, 20, or 21 every year. The equinox happens at the same moment worldwide, though our clock times reflect a different time zone. And, as mentioned above, this date only signals spring’s beginning in the Northern Hemisphere; it announces fall’s arrival in the Southern Hemisphere.

Interestingly, due to time zone differences, there isn’t a March 21 equinox in mainland U.S. during the entire 21st century! Plus, we won’t see a March 21 in the world again until 2101.

Meteorologically speaking, the official first day of spring is March 1 (and the last is May 31). Weather scientists divide the year into quarters to make it easier to compare seasonal and monthly statistics from one year to the next. The meteorological seasons are based on annual temperature cycles rather than on the position of Earth in relation to the Sun, and they more closely follow the Gregorian calendar. Using the dates of the astronomical equinoxes and solstices for the seasons would present a statistical problem, as these dates can vary slightly each year.

Did you know that daffodils are one of March’s Birth Flowers?

Q: Are Day and Night Equal on the Equinox?

A: Close. In reality, day and night are not exactly equal at the equinox for two reasons: First, daytime begins the moment any part of the Sun is over the horizon, and it is not over until the last part of the Sun has set. If the Sun were to shrink to a starlike point and we lived in a world without air, the spring and fall equinoxes would truly have ‘equal nights.’

Read about more fun facts in the Almanac Astronomer’s post, “March Equinox Oddities.”

Q: According to folklore, you can stand a raw egg on end on the equinox. Is this true?

A: Folklore or not, this egg trick sounded like fun to us. One spring, a few minutes before the vernal equinox, several Almanac editors tried this trick. For a full workday, 17 out of 24 eggs stood standing. Three days later, we tried this trick again and found similar results. Perhaps 3 days after the equinox was still too near. Perhaps the equinox has nothing to do with it. Perhaps we just don’t like to take ourselves too seriously! Try this yourself and let us know what happens.

Spring bird bath

Q: Which Day Has the Most Sunlight in North America?

A:  The Summer or June Solstice is called the “longest” day of the year!  The date varies between June 20 and June 22, depending on the year, and the local time zone. By “longest day,” we mean the day that gets the most daylight (versus darkness).  See our Summer Solstice page.

How Do You Celebrate the Vernal Equinox?

The vernal equinox signals new beginnings and nature’s renewal in the Northern Hemisphere! Many cultures celebrate spring festivals, like Easter and Passover.

Observe nature around you!

  • Worms begin to emerge from the earth. In fact, the March Full Moon is called “The Full Worm Moon” for this reason.
  • Notice the arc of the Sun across the sky as it shifts toward the north. Birds are migrating northward, along with the path of the Sun.
  • Speaking of birds, did you know that the increasing sunlight is what triggers birds to sing? Cool, eh? Enjoy our Bird Songs page.
  • Trees, shrubs, and flowers are sensitive to temperature and day-length, too! Since ancient days, people have used them as indicators of when the weather is right for planting. For example: Blooming crocus are your cue to plant radishes, parsnips, and spinach. See more of nature’s signs.
  • Of course, the longer days bring warmer weather! Both we and the animals around us strip off our clothes and heavy coats!
  • Ready, set, plant! March is time to start gardens and sow seeds in many regions. See the Best Planting Dates according to your local frost dates.

The Snake of Sunlight

Scientific explanation aside, our ancestors were more connected to the Sun than we are today. They observed its pathway across the sky; they tracked how the sunrise, sunset, and day length changed, using the Sun (and Moon) as a clock and calendar.

There are many ancient sites that mark the equinoxes (and solstices). One of the most famous ancient Spring equinox celebrations was at Chichen Itza in Mexico. The Mayans built a huge pyramid around the year A.D. 1000.  The play of the Sun’s light on it signals the beginning of the seasons. On the spring equinox, it looks like a huge snake is slithering down the steps. Mayans called this day “the return of the Sun serpent.”


See more examples of ancient seasonal markers.

Spring Verse

  • One swallow does not make a spring.
  • Bluebirds are a sign of spring; warm weather and gentle south breezes they bring.
  • In spring, no one thinks of the snow that fell last year.
  • Don’t say that spring has come until you can put your foot on nine daisies.
  • Spring-time sweet!
    The whole Earth smiles, thy coming to greet. 

Learn More About the First Days of Seasons

The First Days of the Seasons are marked by four astronomical events:

Look around! Observe! What are the signs of spring in your region? Please share in the comments below!

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Spring Equinox

On the North Pole, today is the only day the sun rises for the entire year. Six months of night is over and six months of day begins.


by assuming a certain stance and going thru a series of breathing exercises with correct north, south body alignment it is possible to GREATLY increase your chi (life force) this can be done 4 days a year ( 2 equinoxes and 2 solstices) this can be done anytime however it is MOST effective on these 4 days. been doing this for over 40 years and i assure you it is real!!!

First day of spring

Here in central Arizona first day of spring usually brings on the blooming of many cactus species. In my front yard a beavertail put out its first bloom yesterday. the rest of the plant is heavily covered in buds so it will be covered in beautiful purple flowers by the end of the week.

Spring equinox

We're already in th 21st century, so you must mean no March 21 equinox until the 22nd century.

future Springs

We had meant that for 2001-2100, there hadn’t been/won’t be a March 21 equinox in mainland U.S. But the way the article was written was a little confusing, so we have revised to make this clearer. Past that, there will be times when the U.S. experiences spring on March 21, such as in 2103 in Eastern Daylight Time. Thank you!

spring sign

Another sign of spring: A Red Bud tree visible deep in the other sleeping trees...

Spring correction

Interesting that Google used a mouse in their doodle for spring equinox.
I would have to say its more like the Vermin Equinox.

Sign of the Vernal Equinox

Technically speaking at the point when the temperature does not get any colder after weeks of the temperature dipping, winter has hit a bottom. Then there should be a sign of a turn upwards from this bottom which can last a while. Signs of the weather changing for the better will be consistent higher lower temperatures coupled with higher high temperatures for the day over at least two consecutive weeks. It is more like a slow awakening of summer and not a sudden rocket blast of upward temperatures or even simply a one day high in the middle of the week.

Signs of Spring in the Pacific NW

Signs of Spring all around with the call of the Mourning Dove seeking its mate, the Raven overhead dutifully carrying twigs over yonder, played ball in the backyard because the last of the 3' of snow has finally melted, the hardy Black-Capped Chickadees flits about with jubilation that they survived that hard winter, the Oregon Juncos are passing through, as usual for this time of year, headed to their favorite warmer clime, the squirrels are dashing about eagerly looking for those peanuts buried last Fall and the Rhubarb is peaking out, yet once again, after a long winter rest.


Lovely collection of indicators, CaraMia, thank you!

Sign of spring. St. Charles, IL

More dependable than robins, they have wintered over the past few years.

When the golden eyes (ducks) return, just passing through, on their way north.


I'm done with all this cold weather in New York, when I goona get warmer?


I'm so glad for science!

The Divine Truth of the realism of God's Existence .

God rules in the affairs of man and all other creations.

Vernal Equinox- early spring March 20, 2016

What a brilliant and educational article. Truly enjoyed.


dew sunlight on bloom
hummingbird sips sweet nectar
spring splendour abounds

Are day and night truly equal on the equinox

I have often wondered from the teaching of Buckminster Fuller about the daily rotation of the Earth and not the movement of the Sun that accounts for the beginning and end of each day why scientists and others continue to perpetuate the long since refuted belief that the Sun moves around the Earth. For example why the Almanac explanation that "daytime begins the moment any part of the Sun is over the horizon" instead of the moment the horizon exposes any part of the Sun and "is not over until the last part of the Sun has set" instead of until the last part of the Sun disappears (behind the horizon)?

Great Info!

Thanks for a comprehensive and easy to follow explanation. It's great that the almanc is now available electronically and I refer to it regularly. Keep up the great work!


Every year on the fist day of spring my kids have dropped a raw egg in the grass. It won't break - unless you hit a rock of course.

Thanks for all the great

Thanks for all the great information a treasure trove !! awesome

I think I'm your Uncle Dean

Hi Gary , Do you still live North of Evansville, Ind. ????


Brooms will stand by themselves, straight up. A friend told me this, I thought he was nuts. Till the first day of Spring, it worked. Has to be a straight cut broom, not a slanted one. It will stand for about five minutes.


The picture of the blue bird shown on the Equinox show is NOT a Robin!!! It's a Bluebird!!


Yes, it is a robin. It's a European robin versus an American robin. Not a bluebird. It's the first day of spring in Europe, too.

Balancing Eggs on the Equinox

I was able to do this once back in 1986 in Brooklyn Heights, NY. On the third try, a raw egg stayed up - it stayed like that for a good 5 hours. It was very neat.

Found the first spider of the

Found the first spider of the year in my house. It must be spring.

midpoint, not start

Solstices and equinoxes are midpoints, not starts, of the seasons, especially from an agriculture point of view (for most heavily populated areas). Spring started in early Feb here, and is well on its way to being in full spate by the equinox. After the summer solstice, the days start getting shorter. The opposite for winter solstice.

Thank you! Yes -- HAPPY

Thank you! Yes -- HAPPY MIDDLE OF SPRING!! Just like the famous MidSummer is around June 20th!!

If one pays attention to the sun, one will see how strong the rays have become since Feb 8.... I've been FULLY enjoying this Spring for weeks! The warm weather is a nice addition this year - all flowers blooming, trees leafing ... that's a nice early coincidence, but really it's all about the sunlight.... and I REALLY feel that!

I think we do the population at large a disservice by saying that Spring starts this week and Summer doesn't start til June 20th ~ because by then we're already 6 weeks into the solar season.

Once I learned this I finally figured out why I used to feel so sad in Aug/Sept ~ because that time is really FALL, not summer! (Pay attention to the sunlight, you'll feel the difference!) It's also good to know winter starts in November --- it definitely explains the darkness!


Accuweather states that "Solar Summer" starts around May 7 and ends August 7. I really notice the increasing light even as early as late January, and the days decrease so quickly after the first week of August. Henry Beston said it beautifully:

“We lose a great deal, I think, when we lose this sense and feeling for the sun. When all has been said, the adventure of the sun is the great natural drama by which we live, and not to have joy in it and awe of it, not to share in it, is to close a dull door on natures's sustaining and poetic spirit.”
― Henry Beston, The Outermost House: A Year of Life On The Great Beach of Cape Cod

I bet you would enjoy this book, I highly recommend it! Happy Spring!

Early spring

In January when the ground was clear of snow I saw the daffodils shoots starting to appear, then I noticed the hyacinths and other spring bulbs poking their heads up. They are about a month earlier than the last couple of years.

A dozen or so robins have

A dozen or so robins have been in my yard eating worms from my lawn. Spring must be here for robins to come & the worms to be out.

every spring within 3 or 4

every spring within 3 or 4 days of official equinox i will see either the grackles return for the summer or the doves pairing up the canadian geese have been working on their nest for a couple weeks the grackles hit it closer than anything god bless all and have a nice enjoyable spring

I have grackles year round at

I have grackles year round at the store where I work, but I know spring is coming when the males start strutting and the females are gathering materials for their nests

About ten minutes ago I tried

About ten minutes ago I tried the egg and it is still standing. I also tried the broom and it is still standing. The broom is not new and is angled!

WOW! The egg is not

WOW! The egg is not surprising, but the broom thing is amazing! Do you think maybe you could fly it too?

reply to Charlie

I've been accused, but for that, you would need wormwood!

* clarification

* I am NOT recommending that anyone try that, (in fact I would strongly recommend against it). Most of the people here, (including me), are in it for the fun.

Tomorrow spring is

Tomorrow spring is coming...and so is snow in New York City!

I know Spring is going to

I know Spring is going to start when I walk out the door to head for work and I smell a Skunk near my path...

I know that Spring is coming

I know that Spring is coming when the Pecan Trees start budding. That means no more frost!! Of course, Easter also marks the beginning of Spring for me for basically the same reason. There is always a cold snap right around Easter. (Alabama)

Until I read "The bristles

Until I read "The bristles disperse the weight of the broom" I was imagining the broom the other way up! Makes much more sense now, thanks ringer.
I've left a pair of jeans standing up on their own before by accident. It was mildly amusing for a couple of minutes. I'm wondering what the point to all of this egg and broom balancing is.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is

Our Lord Jesus Christ is returning soon!!! Love never fails....AMEN!

I like a little notice before

I like a little notice before I get company!

C'mon everyone! Look busy! Someone said Jesus is coming!

What does J C's arrival have

What does J C's arrival have to do with this issue? Never mind His Father created the Universe.

Jesus IS God! He came to

Jesus IS God! He came to earth to absorb our sins by dying for us. There is only one throne in heaven.

Jesus sits on the Right Hand of God the Father

Yes Wayne. Jesus is God because He is the literal Son of God. The only begotten in the flesh. However we all have our spirits in us that were from the Father making us a child of God. I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that this is true. Pray & ask God and he will let you know it's true by the power of the Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit) that will go over you.
Romans 8:34 Who is to condemn? Christ Jesus is the one who died—more than that, who was raised—who is at the right hand of God, who indeed is interceding for us.1
John 20:17 Jesus saith unto her, Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God. (Heavenly Father is our Father too) Jesus taught us how to pray to our Father in Heaven. The Godhead makes up 3 people. God the Father, His Son, Jesus Christ & the Holy Ghost They are 3 beings. Only the Holy Ghost does not have a Physical body...His Spirit. Thats why He is called the Holy Spirit. Why would Jesus go and pray to Himself? Heavenly Father is the Father of our Spirit which dwells in our body. When we are conceived He puts our spirit in us just like he did when He put Jesus Spirit in Mary. However Jesus is the only one who has his physical & spirit body from our Father. That is what makes Him the only begotten of the Father in the flesh.

Amen, He surely is.. Sooner

Amen, He surely is.. Sooner than any of us know !!

So when does the countdown

So when does the countdown for Jesus' COMING begin? 2000 years ago?

Several years ago, I balanced

Several years ago, I balanced about 6 eggs from a dozen on their ends - the small pointed end, not the fatter end as seen in the image at the top. They were on a counter top next to the refrigerator, so we were careful about not shutting the door hard. I photographed them. They did not all fall over at the same time. Some lasted a week. That was before digital cameras or cell phones with cameras, so the photos were unable to be manipulated. My students were not all that impressed, however.

Broom? Ridiculous!

I balance eggs every year~ it

I balance eggs every year~ it has become my springtime ritual. I set my intentions (similar to New Year's resolutions) , then I dye the raw eggs with Easter egg dye. After that, I draw a symbol on each egg, to symbolize each intention. About 30 minutes before the equinox, I start balancing. I almost always get all twelve eggs balanced (and on a flat surface like the countertop ~ no cheating). I have also balanced a broom, for hours!

I would realy like to try

I would realy like to try this with my two young children. What time do u start it, or can u start it any time on this coming Friday?

Curious~ you can decorate the

Curious~ you can decorate the eggs earlier in the day, if you wish. I usually start trying to balance an hour ahead of the actual Equinox, and can usually get an entire dozen balanced. You will probably have success at any time that day, though. It's just fun to have them mostly standing at the moment of the equinox, if possible. The Equinox us at 4:45 in the afternoon where I am, which is Denver, (mountain time zone). Good luck, and Happy Spring!

P.S. the eggs have to be raw,

P.S. the eggs have to be raw, NOT cooked, and it helps if you let them stay out at room temp for about an hour before balancing.

If you can get your children

If you can get your children to stand still that long that would be amazing. Try balancing them on the small end;)

Years ago I balanced an egg

Years ago I balanced an egg on end during the equinox on my kitchen counter. I decided to leave it sit and see what happened. I left a towel wraped about 6" around it so if it fell over it would not fall on the floor. About 3 weeks later, I was in the living room, heard a noise, and the egg had fallen over. So my therory is, you can probably do it for about 1-3 weeks on either side of the equinox. I have never tested this however. I have tried to balance one at other times, and have never been able to do it except during the equinox.

Unfortunately, the tilt of

Unfortunately, the tilt of Earth does not affect gravitational pull, as gravity pulls towards the center of mass, regardless of where on the globe or the relative tilt of the Earth's orbit to the orbital plane.

You are correct that the tilt

You are correct that the tilt of the earth does not affect earth's gravity. However, every object has mass. The sun's considerable mass creates gravity strong enough to create tides in the ocean. I don't know if the egg cares, however.

It is actually the moon's

It is actually the moon's gravity which creates the tides.

The moon and the Sun

The moon and the Sun

The actual tidal influence of

The actual tidal influence of the sun is 44% of that of the Moon.

Both the moon and the sun

Both the moon and the sun affect gravity

Excuse me, but every 6th

Excuse me, but every 6th grade student learns it is the MOON's gravity that influences the tides.


SEVENTH GRADERS learn that tides are influenced by both the sun and the moon.

Earth is round like an orange

Earth is round like an orange

The earth is elliptical

I was told in Astronomy that because of opposing magnetic forces within the earth's core in conjunction with the gravitational pull of the earth and sun, the earth has an elliptical shape. It is not a perfect circle like an orange.

I don't believe that

I don't believe that textbooks are the holy grail of truthful information.

Eggs are a lot like people,

Eggs are a lot like people, they are unbalanced.

When I was in grade school I

When I was in grade school I completed a science project based on a similar egg experiment. Since I've been an adult, I have tried it several other times; the reasoning, I don't know but it does have something to do with the earth's placement and possibly the distribution of gravitational pull that occurs during the spring equinox time frame. I have not given it much scientific thought or planning; I just know that the egg experiment has consistently failed when it has been tried outside of a certain time-frame of the equinox pattern. It has also consistently worked when practiced within a few days of the spring equinox. In grade school, we were taught that it worked for the same reasons that the original person who posted this comment explained.

I live near Memphis, TN and

I live near Memphis, TN and personally to me, my seasons are: Spring, Summer, Fall and "Almost Spring" !! I try not to even acknowledge winter (although I really do enjoy the Thanksgiving to Christmas season). Spring to me is the most magical time of the year!! I look forward to getting out and gardening, I love the smells in the air and all the Spring colors in the flowers and trees; everything seems to be alive and reborn. But mostly I look forward to the return of my Purple Martin colony and the blooming of the Cherry tree orchards; it's all just so enchanting!! Happy Spring everyone. :D

Your not the only one out

Your not the only one out there and these people are not anything like that but how would I know that I don't I just assume it. But you will know me sooner or later and you will testify about me and what I'm like this whole world will. I guarantee that this day on forth. Haha!!!!

I hate winter in the

I hate winter in the springtime.
I hate winter in the fall.
I hate winter in the summer but,
I hate winter in the winter most of all!

I hate summer in the

I hate summer in the springtime.
I hate summer in the fall.
I am okay with summer in the summer but,
I hate summer in the winter most of all!

Couldn't resist :-) Winter will end, snow will melt and you'll enjoy the waters and the new green. Living in the drought stricken So Calif. 2015 is our 4th year without seasonal rain and temps. Just the hot sun and dryness each day ... by 'summer' we'll be brown again and then our only season - the fire season - will start and the firemen will have to figure out what to use to put them out.



Wow... Checked this website

Wow... Checked this website to see time the vernal equinox occurs... I'm so happy 'spring' has arrived for the northern hemisphere. Reading through these comments makes me think we've all been batted down by this past winter... Lots of owly comments here! Happy spring peeps!

Agree with that! What ever

Agree with that! What ever happened to civility and politeness? Let's all be happy, for one day at least, and pleasant!

Ha I am surprised to find

Ha I am surprised to find myself reading your comments on this beautiful day! Many have shared some insightful facts about the vernal equinox, and others have how do
you say, frankly, or without consideration argued over specific verbage. Thank you however i have one question on my mind... where is the darn plane?!!!

It was abducted by aliens !!

It was abducted by aliens !!

This is a bunch of BS, come

This is a bunch of BS, come around this area and you'll see it's still snowing and the temperature is still below the freezing mark. These people who talk about global warming, have s--t for brains.

So you don't believe it's

So you don't believe it's Spring because it's snowing? Who said it doesn't snow in the Spring? It snows in the Autumn, too. We had almost no snow here in PA for the last two years and then got hit hard. It's called "The Law of Averages".

Common mistake out there:

Common mistake out there: confusing weather, which has major short term fluctuations, with climate, which is about long term trends. Climate change is well established, with overwhelming support in the scientific community. A warming climate does not mean that there won't continue to be variability in weather. In fact, a warming atmosphere can be accompanied by greater swings.

The other common mistake is

The other common mistake is attributing climate change, which is a well- documented phenomenon, to man-made causes, which isn't.

Where do you think all the

Where do you think all the CO2 is coming from, Frosty? It's not just the cows.

I couldn't agree more! I mean

I couldn't agree more! I mean all these scientists all along have been saying that it's going to cause radical weather changes...and so what if the planet is warmer overall than it's ever been and that Australia just had the hottest summer on record? And really it's a big planet and all, but if it's still snowing where YOU are then that's all that the whole world should be looking at, right? Because YOU are the most important opinion and person we have - true dat! The polar ice caps melting mean nothing if it's still icy in Alabama, right? Right??

Wow, how do you explain that

Wow, how do you explain that the C02 levels are at the highest levels since records have been kept? Extreme fluctuation is all part of the big picture. Ice in Alabama has nothing to do with global warming, in reality it gives the argument more validity.

Records haven't been kept

Records haven't been kept long enough to be able to give an accurate judgement as to far as climate change and atmospheric composition go. The best records of these changes we have are at archaeological digs that aren't given priority because they aren't a new flashy kind of science. In order to better understand the future possibilities we must understand the past thoroughly.

I used to feel similarly, but

I used to feel similarly, but time and knowledge changed my mind.
The fact is, so-called "global climate change" is nothing more than a political ploy to eliminate individual freedom via statism.
The best data shows the earth's temps have flatlined for the last 15 years

After this winter, with temps

After this winter, with temps averaging 30° below normal since the weekend before thanksgiving, (in Wisconsin) I too made the same comment about global warming. A friend mentioned that the term isn't used much anymore, that our deleterious impact on climate is causing more weather extremes, including tornadoes, draughts, and hurricanes. These extremes are hard to ignore!

It's warming up so more water

It's warming up so more water evaporates into sky which eventually has to come down.In the winter it creates more snow and makes it feel colder.just my opinion

We stood a broom up @8:00PST

We stood a broom up @8:00PST last night, and it is still standing thru the night -- 11hrs later. Kinda freaky!

Ok this broom thing is

Ok this broom thing is hilarious (it would make a great snl skit). So what does this have to do with the earth's axis? And since you tried this bewildering magic trick before the equinox began, doesn't it mean it has nothing to do with the equinox? Trying to understand... While i chuckle over this, i honestly am tempted to try this! Lol.

But how do we know the exact

But how do we know the exact time of 11:57 ct?

.The vernal equinox is the

.The vernal equinox is the begining of spring it is celebrated March 20th in the northern hemisphere but September 22 in the southern hemisphere

Spring Equinox is Persian /

Spring Equinox is Persian / Iranian news year.
It marks the official new year celebrations in Iran.
All of Iranian peoples (Kurds, Georgians, Armenians, Croats, Persians etc.)celebrate this day.
This celebration has at least been celebrated for more than 4500 years. Its is a Pre-Islamic tradition of Iranian nations an Indo-European (Aryan) tradition relating to Iranian religion of Zoroastrianism.. (pre-islamic religion of Iran before the savage invasion of Arabs and forcing the Iranians to accept islam by the sword...)
This tradition is everything that's is the Opposite of Islam and Arab culture.. Thus Iranian people have celebrated it as a mark of Iranian Ethnic, cultural identity. The Spring Equinox or Newruz celebration as the Persians call it meaning the New Day, goes on for two weeks and on the thirteenth day all families go out to picnic (this is April fool’s day..)
They grow wheat as mark of regrowth and colour eggs etc. This tradition also belongs to Nordic European people as well (Celtic, Saxon..), but the Persian/ Iranian nation is the only nation which has saved and kept this old
Indo-European tradition.

A beautiful tradition. I have

A beautiful tradition. I have met several people from Iran and all are very proud of their Persian heritage. I hope to someday visit your country.
Happy spring/new year.

Happy spring to you..

Happy spring to you..

When you say Croats do tou

When you say Croats do tou refer to people of Croatia? These folks are not Iranian, as I understand it. Please clarify.

Thank you Paymaan, for your

Thank you Paymaan, for your elucidating post! I had forgotten the Persian new year, and I should know better; I had some lovely friends and coworkers, a couple of whom were Zoroastrian, and were kind enough to school me in the traditions you mentioned. (Incredibly intelligent computer geeks, I liked working with them.:) I didn't know that colouring eggs was part of the traditions though, that is great to know. Truly part of the great cradle of civilization. My boss said it had traditionally been not Patriarchy, but more of a Matrilineal and Goddess based religion originally. Do you know if that is true? Many thanks, and happy Newruz!

I have not tried the egg

I have not tried the egg yet,but I do know that a broom will stand up straight by itself. Try It!

Geeze....don't you women have

Geeze....don't you women have anything better to do but take each other down ? Obviously rich and .......

HOW does a broom stand up by

HOW does a broom stand up by itself?????

Brooms WILL stand by itself.

Brooms WILL stand by itself. A couple years ago I was working in a grocery store the night of the equinox. I walked down the aisle, took 6 brooms down and stood them up through the middle of the aisle. I have a picture here someplace. It worked for 2 more nights, then on the 3rd night they wouldn't stand anymore. you should have seen the look on the guy's face that was running the floor buffer when he rounded the corner.

Funny how everyone is so up

Funny how everyone is so up in arms over such a point. My daughter and family live in New Zealand and the first day of winter is officially December 1st. I do understand the explanation of the equinox and solstice are referring to the Northern Hemisphere, however, as we all can see, the rites of the passage of each season coincides on a calendar and in MOST of our minds as on or around the 21st of March, June, September and December. NZ was founded as NZ rather than the Maori Aotearoa with the settlers and explorers that were Dutch & British and many of their current customs coincide with the UK. Strange to me to see this difference.

Of course, that is to say

Of course, that is to say December 1st is their first day of SUMMER, when we are going into winter, to clarify.

Well, the difference you cite

Well, the difference you cite is the difference between Astronomical reckoning and Meteorological reckoning.

Astronomical reckoning is based on the tilt of the earth relative to the sun: Spring and Autumn start as the earth's tilt has the sun striking directly onto the Equator, Winter and Summer start as the earth's tilt has the sun striking directly onto the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn. (And, yes, all seasons are reversed in Southern Hemisphere vs. Northern Hemisphere.)

Meteorological reckoning is based on the (full) months when temperatures *normally* most reflect the season. Thus (in Northern Hemisphere) "Meteorological Summer" is June/July/August, "Meteorological Winter" is Dec/Jan/Feb, and spring and fall filling appropriately.

So, regionally, some cultures may be more inclined to refer/default to Astronomical reckoning and other regions/cultures refer/default to Meteorological reckoning.

Strictly, most of the things

Strictly, most of the things we associate with Spring are neither astronomical nor meteorological, but biological - more specifically botanical (such as flowers appearing) and zoological (such as birds nesting). Of course, these are influenced by the weather but they are not determined by it in any short time period. When the weather doesn't correspond to our ordinary understand of a season we say the season is early or late or didn't happen at all that year. That is how humans, as against robots, think about the world around them.

Thank you! A great, complete

Thank you! A great, complete and intelligent response! I appreciate any opportunity to learn and you have taught me something new today. A. Friend, indeed.

How sad that a beautiful

How sad that a beautiful thought like the beginning of Spring causes all these ridiculous arguments. The question the article posed was a discussion of the changing patterns we are noticing this time of year. I can appreciate the positives and negatives that come with each distinct season being from northern Canada.
I have been hearing a new bird song...tweee/tweee...tweee/tweee.... that I haven't heard all winter, just started to hear it this week and I thought it was quite beautiful and uplifting.

Thanks for your comment, I

Thanks for your comment, I too am loving the birds returning here in Montana, it has been such a long winter it was a relief to see a Robin running in my yard,,,,have a great spring!

Although it is easy to carry

Although it is easy to carry phases from one generation to many others...."THE SUN DOES NOT RISE, NOR DOES IT SET". Get over it.

Sunrise and sunset are

Sunrise and sunset are phenomenological, not astronomical, events. We see these events as surely as we see eclipses and more than we *see* Moon landings. You can even look up the times when they happen in almanacs.The obsession with astronomical definitions of common human experiences is as pagan as astrology.

I'm not sure how you can

I'm not sure how you can suggest the apparent rising and setting of the sun is NOT an astronomical event. All motions of the sky are 100% astronomical. Just because humans experience it does not mean that science doesn't drive it. In fact, the entire universe, and all that occurs in it is scientific phenomena. And of course you can look up the times the sun sets and rises in an almanac.....they have been mathematically calculated by............. uh, lets see.....who are they again? Oh yeah, ASTRONOMERS! I'm not sure what the ramblings about eclipses and moon landings had to do with any of this, but yes I agree we do see them. There is no obsession with astronomical definitions, and suggesting it is pagan really explains all of this. Its just another example of individuals being unable to grasp the explanations of the world around them, while still holding onto their faith. They do not need to be separated, in fact for many of us one only strengthens the other. The bottom line is that everything you see in the sky, and everything associated with seasons can be explained by science. Do not limit your creator to magic. My creator created everything, including science. He/she gave me a logical, problem solving mind, yet has not asked that I forego its use. My creator is most likely the first, and greatest scientist ever! People need to get over being hung up on language, and just enjoy the "inconceivable nature, of nature." I stole that quote from Richard Feynman.

In your original post you

In your original post you said, quote: "THE SUN DOES NOT RISE, NOR DOES IT SET." In you latest you speak of the "apparent" rising and setting of the sun. Apparent means what appears (to us), and that is what is meant by phenomenological. You then talk about "scientific phenomena". Phenomena are by definition phenomenological. In fact, there are no "scientific phenomena". Phenomena are just that - what we perceive. Scientist try to explain and predict phenomena (and much that does not appear besides), and they often do so successfully. But that does not make the phenomena themselves "scientific", any more than it makes the Creator a scientist. Science (like Math) is a human creation. Feynman never made or supported these kinds of conceptual errors.
I do not believe in magic, but some scientists appear to do so.

Isn't that the definition of

Isn't that the definition of astronomical - to do with celestial objects such as the sun, moon and stars?

It's all relative.

It's all relative.

Your all lost. Astronomy

Your all lost. Astronomy absolutely defines trhe seasons, and always has. You are too hung up on high sun and low sun and what beginnings and ends mean. This is why an understanding of our place in the universe is so darn important. Just beacause it doesn't jive with your definition does not make it incorrect. The equinoxes and soltices are absolutely the beginnings of seasons. Our ancestors knew this, and so we should try to be as understanding of nature as they were. By the way, to suggest that the astronomical dates do not change is just plain silly and uneducated. Simply google "The precession of the equinoxes" to see that the dates do change. Do not be so hung up on when birdies lay and hatch eggs, and when flowers bloom. The flowers in my front yard may begin sprouting next week, however my neighbor's may not start for two weeks after that. It surely is not spring just on my side of the street! The real explanation? Differing species of flowers. I think too many of you may be too vain to believe that YOUR definition os seasons does not match that of the cosmos. Incidentally, there is winter, spring, summer, and fall on Mars. But no life blooming and fading. Just position of the celectial equator and ecliptic. You know, the TRUE definition of seasons!

I rather think it's you who

I rather think it's you who are hung up on astronomy. The seasons are defined by common human experiences on Earth, not by star-gazing. Spring *means* the season when flowers and leaves (re)appear, birds nest, lambs are born, etc. By age-old convention, the months of Spring are March, April and May, although that may vary over time and place (and in the Southern hemisphere it is Autumn/Fall). Fall is the opposite of Spring - the season in which leaves fall. That is why it is called Fall. "Vernal" is the Latin for "of Spring". The vernal equinox occurs "during" Spring. It is not its beginning, except for the astronomically obsessed.

Yes, I suppose you would say

Yes, I suppose you would say that I, an astronomer, am hung up on astronomy. But certainly understand that what humans have come to call winter, spring, summer, and fall has been occurring for billions of years before humans roamed this rock, and certainly before the words to describe the weather changes that occur after that position in space has been reached. Remember that it takes time for Earth to absorob the more direct sunlight, so the weather patterns, bloomings, and animal behaviors take some time to occur as well. It is simply silly and childish to suggest that "spring" occurs at a different moment for every individual organism, and for each individual region. Clearly the flowers have not stopped blooming in Florida, so when does spring start for them? And yes, I am absolutely hung up on astronomy. It is the most enriching, and beautiful field of study that can be taken on. I certainly hope for all of you that you can look up into the night sky, and appreciate the majestic beauty, vastness, and immensity of it.

The seasons are concepts and

The seasons are concepts and require beings capable of conceptualizing to exist as such - ie "come to be called" what they are by humans. The natural occurrences that are referenced by the concepts were certainly there before they were conceptualized as Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. But to say they existed as such before they were conceived is certainly silly.
Just get used to the fact that human beings rely on their senses (as, ultimately, do scientists) to determine what season they are in. And, yes, their onset varies. Astronomical events occur in seasons that had long been and still are defined without reference to them. The summer solstice is an astronomical event that occurs in Summer as commonly understood. Likewise the vernal equinox in Spring. "Vernal" means "in Spring". The seasons do not take their names or meanings from those astronomical events. The astronomical events take their names (though not their meaning) from the seasons.

I completely agree with your

I completely agree with your last line. Of course the events take the names from what humans have experienced (as do all things we have given names to). But certainly the seasons would still happen if there were no beings here to experience them, or give them names. Obviously we rely on our senses for everything we do or think, however this is way off point. Earlier posts suggested that the sun cannot be highest in the sky on the first day of summer, that it has to be the middle of the summer. I would think you would assign the mid point to warmest average temperatures. Your argument is true if you are imagining the season to be a bell curve of solar angle. The season can start with the sun having its highest angle above the horizon, just as a marathon starts with the greatest distance left to be run. As stated earlier, it takes time for the earth to absorb the direct radiation and warm, or conversely to lose heat as the radiation becomes more indirect. I suppose it is best to agree that we do not agree with the semantics. At the end of the day, neither one of our lives will be worse for our personal definition of the seasons. I will continue to hold to the scientific definition, the right one :) and you will continue to hold to your definition. As is often said, "the great thing about science is it's true, whether you believe it or not."

Do you really imagine that I

Do you really imagine that I doubt the science of the equinoxes and solstices? Boy, have you got me wrong! The point is that you can not logically make these the definitive basis for how we understand the seasons. Seasons - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter - are human constructs that reference all manner of natural phenomena, of which the equinoxes and solstices are but a small part. That is a fact that real scientists perfectly well understand. It is true, whether you believe it or not.

Thanks, Celtblood. I used the

Thanks, Celtblood. I used the weather example to reinforce my point, which just confused it.I'll try to explain my thoughts on it.
On Mar.20st the days and nights are equal and continue to get longer until June. In my opinion, all else aside, June marks the end of the season because the days begin to become shorter, the beginning of Autumn. In Sept, again, days are equal and continue until the end of Winter in December. In Dec the days begin getting longer, at last, the start of Spring, in March which of course will lead to Summer. I'm sure that most have a differing opinions. But just because everyone calls it Spring doesn't change the logic. Have a great Summer. Peace

Indeed it is so; just as when

Indeed it is so; just as when in June the news commentators wax poetically upon the start of Summer, I pine; technically it is the beginning of Winter, as the days start getting shorter from the Solstice on. Then again, at the Winter Solstice, when everyone is grey and downtrodden, I rejoice as the days creep longer toward Summer!

Oh spring, where are you?

Oh spring, where are you? The calendar says only eight more days, but with three feet of snow on the ground and more falling, I think you won't get here until June.

The idea that the vernal

The idea that the vernal equinox is the first day of Spring is nonsense. If it were so, common expressions like 'Spring has come early' and 'it's a late Spring this year' would have no meaning since the equinox does not move about. The concept of Spring has nothing to do with the vernal equinox or any other astrological events. It is the opposite of Fall. It is when flowers spring forth and leaves open after Winter - ' For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone; The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land', Song of Solomon, 2:11-12.
In the Norther Hemisphere, the conventional period of Spring is the Months of March, April and May, after which comes Summer.

Vernal Equinox is the first

Vernal Equinox is the first day of Spring based on astronomical data. The same applies to other astronomical seasons, it may not feel at all like Spring, but the position of the Sun and the Earth dictate the astronomical time frame, not the weather conditions in a particular area. If we went by how the temperatures feel and what the weather conditions are, there would be no rhyme nor reason to calculating the seasons. It might be Spring in one state and Winter in the next, while further South it might already be Summer.

I can only repeat that the

I can only repeat that the idea of Spring and when it begins has nothing to do with the Vernal Equinox but has to do with the renewal of life on Earth for both flora and fauna, The *Vernal* Equinox takes its name from Spring in the commonly accepted sense, not the reverse. ('Vernal' means Spring.) It happens *in" the Spring, not at its beginning. The same is true of the Summer Solstice, which is on 'Mid-Summer Day' - ie in the midst of Summer, not its beginning. And, of course, Summer in the Northern hemisphere is Winter in the Southern, whatever name is given to the solstice. This obsession with astronomical definitions of the seasons is a modern dogma. I would rather call it *astrological* because of its connections with supposedly ancient rituals like those at Stonehenge (and even more in Celtic lands), most of which originated in the Nineteenth Century as part of the Romantic Movement in literature, art and music. There is certainly no science in it, only scientism, which we should be better off without.

You are exactly correct

You are exactly correct regarding the Summer Solstice, and are apparently one of the few who really "gets" that it falls in the middle of Summer, and is not by any means when Summer "starts". (Even this site has yet to get it right, and they should be the ones to show all the other almanacs what is right, all things considered.)

As in the case of the Vernal Equinox, and considering the fact that those of us in the 21st century have, to a very large degree, completely lost touch with our agrarian roots and often misunderstand or misinterpret the seasonal cycles, many tend to confuse the Solstices with the start of the seasons. Actually, the Solstices mark the middle or high point (Summer) and low point (Winter) of light and darkness. WS is the shortest point of daylight hours in the year and SS is the point of longest light, the apex of the Summer season, which actually begins on the first of May, just as Winter begins on the first of November.

As in the case of the Vernal Equinox, these are dates are based on the astronomical movements of the Earth and planets, so the weather may not seem in accordance with the true beginning of the season. I agree with you in that the Vernal Equinox may yet be cold and snowy, or even icy, and that it may not feel like Spring until up in April.

The astronomical model offers us a well regulated system by which to mark the seasonal changes, while the local weather patterns bring the seasons home at different times for different places.

I'm really not sure about where you get the notion that astronomy is not scientific, or that the ancients did not observe the astronomical Solstice (if you read up on it, Stonehenge serves as a calendar of sorts, and is amazingly accurate at marking the Summer Solstice due to its' design).

Alas, everyone has an opinion, and you are more than welcome to follow your own.

We may have lost touch with

We may have lost touch with our agrarian roots but I don't think we have stopped noticing when flowers and leaves start appearing, birds start nesting, and many other signs of the beginning of Spring in the normal human sense. And we still talk about Spring being early or late, so we can't be thinking about the Vernal Equinox when we say it.
I did not say that Astronomy was not a science, which it plainly is. But Astrology is certainly not a science (even if some think it is), and as you may see from other posts (including some of your own), the cycle of the seasons is commonly associated with astrological interpretations of astronomical events. That is not science, it is scientism - the pretense of a scientific basis for such interpretations.

Actually, that was my point,

Actually, that was my point, in that one can only look to the astronomical designations for these seasonal cycles, since the blooming of leaves and flowers and the nesting of birds occurs at so many different times, in so many different places. To clarify, I understand your point regarding the observable manifestation of the seasons, I was just saying the astronomical points remain the accurate measure of those seasons.

The same applies to the modern tendency to think of the Summer Solstice as the "beginning" of the Summer season. Most modern calendars, and even most TV meteorologists, will say 21 June, for example, is when Summer starts. As we have both stated, this is dead wrong. The Summer cannot start when the Sun and the seasonal tides begin to wane, it's a contradiction. We'd may as well say Christmas starts on Christmas night and not on Christmas morning. At least on that point, it seems we are both in absolute agreement.

I would also have to argue that astrology does indeed have its' scientific elements, especially considering the fact that our modern astronomy developed from the old science of astrology, same as our modern pharmacology developed from the old practises of herbal healing, and metallurgy developed from alchemy. There was a time when these practises went hand in hand, and were one in the same. Since astrology is based on the astronomical positions of the planets and their movements, I would call that a scientific element, even if it's only based on the observation of the movements. The interpretation of those movements and their alleged effect on us are, admittedly, debatable and not reliable science in the modern sense, but charting horoscopes by calculating the correct positions of the stars and planets, I would think, is indeed an effort founded in science.

Of course, that's just my opinion, I really don't mean to be argumentative.

You miss the point entirely.

You miss the point entirely. Spring is *defined* as the season when flowers and leaves (re)appear, birds nest, etc. That is what Spring means. And, yes, it starts at different times in different places and in different years. For that reason the start of Spring can not be fixed by any astronomical event such as the vernal equinox, which will occur *at some time* in Spring, just as the Summer Solstice occurs at some time in Summer. That is how human beings relate to the world around them. Most know nothing about equinoxes or solstices, though no doubt they pick up references to them in their diaries, newspapers and other media and regard them in much the same way as their "star signs" and other astrological nonsense.

It seems to me that you have

It seems to me that you have some rather extreme anger issues when it comes to astrology, and even astronomy. That is your choice, and you are welcome to it.

Let us, then, simply agree to disagree and leave it at that. I think we've danced long enough, and there really isn't much left to add. So you go ahead and consider the first day of Spring to be whenever the weather suits and the flowers happen to bloom in your particular area, and I'll continue to use the equinox as the sign post that serves as the harbinger of Spring in my part of the world.

I am curious about one other point. If, as so often happens here in the lower Midwest, the flowers happen to bloom one week, with the leaves coming on and the birds singing, then the next week we get hit with, say, three inches of snow and some ice, does that mean it's suddenly Winter again? Do the seasons just switch back and forth in your part of the world, sort of like an Ed Wood movie, where within an hour it can be day time, then switch to night, and then suddenly switch back to day time again?

I agree that there is no

I agree that there is no point in continuing with this discourse. But contrary to what you think about my position, far from being in any way against astronomy or science generally, my concern is to defend Science - real SCience - against those who abuse it by trying to scientise common everyday human experience. That is scientism.
Your own post should have made it clear to you that the beginning of Spring can not be precisely defined, even in one place, let alone across the globe, and it is absurd to pretend that it can. The precision of the date of the vernal equinox apparently gives you the false impression that it can. Is that because you can't stomach the imprecision and general messiness of real life and find deceptive refuge in the precision of Science?

All I can say is that, in my

All I can say is that, in my humble opinion, the astronomical points mark the seasons, even though the seasonal time frames may indeed have variable weather patterns in different areas and regions. The position of the Sun and the seasonal positions of the Earth are, to my thinking, the true markers of the seasonal tides. The weather in our particular region may not fit the season precisely (and may indeed vary greatly), but the seasonal changes are there, none the less. I think you're attempting to redefine science in a very unscientific way, by focusing on the immediate climatic conditions outside your door while virtually ignoring the astronomical cycles which bring the seasonal changes in the first place.

Again, that is your right, if that's how you choose to see it all. It just seems mighty illogical to prefer such an imbalanced and inconsistent way of measuring the seasons.

Again, I ask-- if you're going to mark the seasons based on the weather you see outside and in your immediate area, do they alternate back and forth, as in from Spring back to Winter, then back to Spring? What if we hit Summer in May and get a sudden surge of Arctic air which results in snow? Are those areas which receive snow suddenly back to Winter, while the others are still in early Summer, or if it got cooler but they didn't get snow, do they go back to Spring until it gets warmer? I am sincerely curious about your views on this.

I would say the beginning of Spring can, indeed, be precisely defined by astronomical calculations, though (obviously) the local weather conditions remain variable from one region to another, and even from one area to another within each region. You may call it scientism and say it isn't truly scientific, but it seems pretty scientific to me.

I take issue with saying this

I take issue with saying this is the beginning of Spring. I'm in central Calif and in June and the end of the season, the temperature can be in the triple digits and the days are getting longer. As I see it, if the temperature now is mild, not freezing, and getting hotter, then Spring is past. When Spring starts and Winter ends,the temperature is usually at it's coldest and starts getting warmer and longer. In June, the FIRST DAY OF AUTUMN, the days start getting shorter and cooler.
I don't know if this explains my logic and I'm sure most people won't agree, including the goverment. Have a great FIRST FEW DAYS OF SUMMER!

I love this website. Feel

I love this website. Feel like I have stumbled onto a treasure. I'm out the door for my broom right now. My son and I did the egg in Atlanta years ago. Fun.

I live in New York State and

I live in New York State and I feed the blue jays and northern cardinals that live around here year round. When it becomes very cold and snowy in the winter they do not sing except for an occasional call note. They eat but they do not sing! When Spring is about to begin the blue jays and cardinals will begin to sing and sing and sing. I adore them. Also, the beautiful crocus will begin blooming because crocus is an early bloomer and surely to me another sign of Spring. The scent in the air in the woods near my home changes from a scent in the winter which to me smells like snow all the time to a lighter, scent of renewed greenery. The summer scent seems rather heavy when bogged down by too much humidity and the autumn smells like the colorful leaves that accumulate on the ground from maples and oaks and give off a musky but pleasant odor. I love all the seasons and I feel fortunate to live in a region that has the ever changing beauty of all four seasons. I don't think I could live happily in a place that has but one long season such as always hot.

Anything that has multiple

Anything that has multiple points of contact with a hard surface should be able to be balanced and be freestanding. A broom with hard bristles should be easier to balance than one with soft pliable bristles. Also, the juxtaposition of the handle to the bristles can make a difference but should be able to be overcome. I fail to see the sun's affect on this issue except if its done outdoors and the heat of the sun softens the bristles. You also have to factor in air movement and direction in order to overcome the effect this may have on the freestanding broom. The story of the broom levitation is remarkable, if true, but I also wonder what he was smoking at the time.

On the first day of Spring, a

On the first day of Spring, a male bluebird kept repeatedly coming to my sliding glass patio door and pecking at it. I hope he was the "bluebird of happiness."

Indeed it is,a sign from

Indeed it is,a sign from Heaven....it means that you and me are blessed chosen creatures of angels above,who take this appearance of peacefull birds for the bestowed ones that receive such honorable visitors,I have one too,cames every morning for seed birds I place at my window...but beware of black birds crowling that crah,crah crah sound...they mean disgrace,defeat,pestilences and perils aproaching....a good prayer to saint Anselm will scary these menaces away,back to darknesses...

Nay, the dark birds are as

Nay, the dark birds are as beautiful as canaries. They signal nothing evil nor ominous nor pestilential... that is Hollywood and rumor. Ravens and Crows in particular are very intelligent birds, Corvids, who are clever, can imitate many other sounds, and solve puzzles. The day that several arrived on my apple tree, got my attention by caw caw! then said as plain as day, "hello?!" was to me the same blessing as pretty birds are to some. They come back and are very gentle, they eat hard boiled eggs, peanuts, and cooked chicken, and dunk them in the birdbath. One made an eggdrop soup out of it (I had to put boiling water, it was 15 below, it didn't stay hot long!) They hold an intelligence to the level of roughly a 3 year old child. And... they chase off the hawks that will prey upon your songbirds at feeders. So be kind to the dark beauties, they have a place here for us in their hearts too.

I got up this morning, I

I got up this morning, I believe I dusted my broom

Willy, you may not be aware

Willy, you may not be aware of the origin of "dusting my broom". The blues song actually goes: I got up this morning and I believe I'll dust my broom." It is my understanding that "DUSTING ONE'S BROOM' has a sinister connotation in that it may mean a disciplinary action by a man hitting a woman with a broom for being unfaithful. I wonder how true this is... Have to look in the blues history books.

How silly,willy....I dust my

How silly,willy....I dust my broom at my wife every day,except on her birthday....it´s a way to sending strong message to remember the fragile sex where they belong: to the Master and to the kitchen...I do not know why I castigate her,but she surely does.....

No Wonder I feel so good. Its

No Wonder I feel so good. Its My Birthday and Ill cry if I want to. Have lots of Spring in my Step this morning. Good morning To All.... Have a Wonderful Day!

Happy Birthday, Drew!

Happy Birthday, Drew!

I could never balance my

I could never balance my checkbook until today (vernal equinox 2013) and I was standing in my kitchen when I did it! It must all be true. ;)

Diamonds really sparkle today

Diamonds really sparkle today but the egg trick next to the broom after morning but this was just silly as we sat and waited for the turn but it never happened so we just went back to the broom and there it was and Stacy said she saw it. Too weird...

Explain that Rick??? LOL...good luck Sean

My friend *Anna* stands

My friend *Anna* stands brooms up all the time and leaves them at the store in the middle of the aisle that way. The looks on peoples faces is awesome. So funny..

Witches can do

Witches can do that,pronouncing spells of malevolence and dreadfull scary augurs....your friend must be an Anna Konda,a terrible serpent which encarneted Satan when tempting Eve in the garden of Eden....

All your broom are belong to

All your broom are belong to us!

Somebody set us up the egg!

Somebody set us up the egg!


THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF SPRING: "Imbolc or Imbolg (pronounced i-MOLK or i-MOLG ), also called (Saint) Brighid’s Day (Irish: Lá Fhéile Bríde, Scottish Gaelic: Là Fhèill Brìghde, Manx: Laa’l Breeshey), is a Gaelic festival marking the beginning of spring. Most commonly it is held on 31 January–1 February, or halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox." THINK YOU MIGHT BE WILLING TO SET YOUR WEBSITE ARIGHT?

Hmmm, you contradict

Hmmm, you contradict yourself. You state that the beginning of spring is the Gaelic festival, but then state it's halfway between the winter solstice and the SPRING solstice. The solstice marks the actual start of spring not a festival.

Actually, no, I believe they

Actually, no, I believe they said it was halfway between the equinox and the solstice, not between the solstices. For people who follow the Celtic religions, Imbolc is one of 4 original yearly holidays, the others being Beltaine (May 1) Lughnasad (a sun/harvest festival) Aug 1 and Samhain (Halloween), Oct 31/Nov 1. This is considered by many to be Celtic New Year, instead of January 1. Notice there is one festival every 3 months, or quarterly. (Some of the other adopted Pagan holidays such as Yule, Ostara (Easter) and so on...were of Germanic/Nordic origin, however, some people celebrate them as well, but they weren't originally followed by the Celtic peoples. Sign me- student of comparative religions & mythologies Peace

The Celtic New Year is

The Celtic New Year is actually Samhain, better known now as Hallowe'en or the evening before All Hallows. Samhain marks the death of Summer and the birth of Winter, as the Celts divided their annual cycle into halves as well as quarters and cross-quarters, the two halves being Summer and Winter.

As for Imbolc, it marks the first stirrings of Spring, but remains a seasonal Winter festival (the last one prior to the Spring Equinox). Ostara or the Vernal/Spring Equinox is the first Spring festival, and May Day or Beltane is the first day of the Summer season, with the Summer Solstice being the middle or high point of the Summertime, when the Suns' energy reaches its' zenith and begins waning, with the days growing shorter and the trek moving back into Autumn, toward Winter.

To clarify this, one could view Imbolc as either a Winter or Spring festival, or both. It takes place when the Winter is still on us, but it marks the first stages of Spring, based upon the agrarian events taking place around that time, such as the lambing season, preparing for the Spring ploughing, etc.

And before I get chastised again, these are, indeed, the astronomical designations of the seasons, marked by the position of the Earth in its' annual cyclical orbit in relation to the Sun... and yes, it is scientific. The local weather is another matter entirely, and is not necessarily effected by the astronomical progression of Earth and Sun.

Nicely elaborated upon!

Nicely elaborated upon! Thankyou. Well said. As someone who's lived in both SoCalifornia (where there are practically no visible signs of season change) and moving to Colorado, where the latest snow of the year I recall was a blizzard on Memorial Day, I definitely prefer the wild variations on the latter. But that's just because I like extreme weather.

So do I, though here in

So do I, though here in Kentucky the Summer can be brutally hot... that part I'm not too fond of at all, but I do like the change of seasons and watching the garden as the changes effect it year to year. We got a decent Winter here for once in a long time (though it was late), so I'm hoping the soil will do better than it has in a while. Hope you have a great Spring and a wonderful year!

It's been anything but a mild

It's been anything but a mild winter here in central New England. January was typically very cold, and since the second week of February, we've had about 60 inches of snow. (with maybe 6-12 more inches tomorrow night). But as I write this, I calculate there's about sixty hours left of winter. And I've always said it doesn't matter half as much what it's doing outside as what the calendar says. And the calendar says it's Spring on Wednesday. Ah, Spring. Yeah, baby!

I'm living in Western KY next

I'm living in Western KY next to the Ohio River. My jonquils have been blooming for two weeks. The last two winters here have been mild and we are now designated zone 7 by the "experts" who determine these things. We were zone 6b. Global warming? Another debatable issue. I am 74 and I know the weather patterns are greatly different than they were in my youth so something IS happening on this earth.

We're in north central

We're in north central Kentucky (not far from Louisville), and I can attest to the fact that this is the first Winter that's been even remotely normal for at least two decades, based on the last fifty years or so. It's been a very welcome thing, considering that the soil quality has been steadily deteriorating, and the insect population increasing to a very noticable extent. My hope is that (a) having actually HAD Winter this year (though it started late), it will help improve the soil and kill off some of the insects and (b) that the global warming we've all witnessed is, indeed, a cyclical phenomenon rather than one caused by human recklessness.

I don't doubt that a lot of our practises are not good for the planet, especially the massive deforestation we're responsible for. But from what I've read, there have been times in history where the carbon levels have been much higher than they are now, and things went back to a colder trend. The most important thing is balance. It seems many want to take the position that warm is good and cold is bad. Nothing could be further from the truth. Each is essential in its' season, which is why the richest portion of the farm belt lies in areas which are balanced by Summer and Winter.

Crazy so many places are mild

Crazy so many places are mild and getting ready for spring I live just about an hr east of Pittsburgh and we are below average lows. We barely make it past 35 or so. Last weekend we had 2 days that were almost 50 but then right back to teens and low 20s in the am. So count your blessings guys

Here in WV two things really

Here in WV two things really speak spring to me, the peeping of the frogs on the pond and the return of the red-winged blackbird. I dearly love them both.

Hey WV, wonderful!

Hey WV, wonderful!

Azaleas are in bloom in deep

Azaleas are in bloom in deep South Georgia and the Bluebirds are more active. It's Springtime !

Greetings to all my American

Greetings to all my American cousins, from the social democratic paradise that exists on your Far North (i.e. Canada). Toronto, Ontario also had a mild winter with perhaps 1/10th the snow of New York City. I prefer the brisk, sunny days of March to the high heat and humidity of July. I beg the gods of Climate Change to keep our summer on the cool side. Warm regards (but not too warm).

Warm regards, Cousins and

Warm regards, Cousins and Cousines, our French relatives are still there! I marvel that so many folks like living so far north, yet how bizarre our winter has been when we usually get over 300 days of sunshine. In some places we were colder this year, fifteen below in Denver, more with windchill. Yesterday, 70 and the crocus finally bloom a little, many of our migrating birds have disappeared, so they must be winging their way back to you; it must be warmer right around the corner.

The good old Earth, each year

The good old Earth, each year it renews its promise to bring its mildness and sweetness and life to us. The dear Earth.

North TX has experienced a

North TX has experienced a 'normal' winter, seasonal snow, sleet and rain but for me, has been more uncomfortable than usual (debates are whether more or less humidity affects one's tolerence to cold.) We've had some warm days tho' with robins arriving, black birds migrating, and several pairs of cardinals returning and nesting, signaling spring is closer for our part of the state. Experts recommending holding off applying fertilizer since ground hasn't warmed up for growing because of fewer sunny winter days.

In my neck of the woods, you

In my neck of the woods, you know that Spring is here when you see your first chipmunk. Last year it was March 17. Hope it's sooner than that this year!

Around here, in North Texas

Around here, in North Texas near the panhandle, I know it's nearly spring when my grape hyacinths show green leaves and start to send up shoots. We've got green but no shoots just yet. Might get another cold snap or two this year. Or so say the hyacinths, lol.

Okie Girl I live southeast of

Okie Girl I live southeast of you in Arkansas and we are still having to bring in the brass monkey at night.

The moon controls the oceans,

The moon controls the oceans, who is controlling the broom . Better call ghost busters hehehe

You can balance a raw egg on

You can balance a raw egg on its wide end any day of the year, not just the equinox.

The 16th of March has a day

The 16th of March has a day length of 11:59 hours. This is about as close as you can get to equal day/night length and should rightly be called the vernal equinox. I am wondering if the 20th is just a traditional date for simplicity's sake and is really not the scientific equinox!

I noticed this also. Were

I noticed this also. Were there any replies?

I chuckled at the photo of

I chuckled at the photo of the American robin in signs of spring. Most American robins do not migrate very far; they simply shift locally due to a change in their feeding habits (from worms in your yards to the berries on trees). If you want to find them in the dead of winter you have only to go so far as the deep woods nearby.

For birds, a better sign of impending spring in most locations is to visit your local marsh and see if there are Red-winged Blackbirds. They're truly long-distance migratory birds that are easily identifiable by sight and song.

To, the robin is still a

To, the robin is still a great symbol of spring. Though some varieties will spend the whole winter in their breeding range, many do not. And those that stay tend to roost up in trees and not spend much time in the yard. So, when you see them tugging at worms in your yard, THAT is a symbol of spring.

Actually..the most accurate

Actually..the most accurate thing I found is watching the mesquite bushes (I'm from west Texas) once you see them bloom, its spring...no more frosts have ever came past that point.

I Live in ohio and it is hit

I Live in ohio and it is hit and miss here. The begining of December we had 50-70 degree weather then it was cold for a while, January was 20-70 degree weather. So far February 1st and 2nd we have had snow storms leaving 2-5 inches of snow and temperatures in the teens. In Cincinnati Ohio our motto is if you do not like the weather today wait until tomorrow!!!

it does work with the egg I

it does work with the egg I had done that many times also when from fall to winter it happens the same thing. it's pretty cool special if u make bets hehehehe... also is a nice way to teach why that happen.

Take a dozen eggs and place

Take a dozen eggs and place them in an egg carton with the pointed end straight up. Let them set for about a week. Almost 100% will stand on the large end -- the reason: The yolk will settle to the lowest part of the egg. If the egg is left in the carton with just a slight tilt, the egg will not stand. This will work at any time of year and has nothing to do with the position of the sun. In addition, the vernal equinox occurs when the sun crosses the equator -- a long way south of us in North America.

The calendar has spring in

The calendar has spring in tiny little words and if ya look it up theres nothing but loads of information eqinoxes and groundhoggs. No sense in trying to get a date of when springs supposed to be in session.

Seasons. (This applies to the

Seasons. (This applies to the Northern Hemisphere) Surely it's self-evident common sense that winter is the DARKEST quarter of the year, and summer is the LIGHTEST quarter of the year. This has nothing to do with weather. So winter last from early November to early February and summer starts in early May and ends in early August. These are roughly equivalent to the Celtic festivals of Samhain, Imbolc, Beltaine and Lughnasadh.

I have pictures of eggs

I have pictures of eggs standing on end at the vernal equinox. We stood 7 of them. I'm at 49:40N, approx. I'll look for the pics and post one. It worked for my sons and me in 1977 or 78.

As to the folklore about eggs

As to the folklore about eggs standing on end on the equinox, it is completely not true. Just a silly hold-back from days when a large proportion of people believed in astrology. Do a Google search for "bad astronomy egg" and the first link will take you to Phil Plait's website where he tells you how you can stand an egg on end on any day of the year.

From western Nebraska and,

From western Nebraska and, for me, hearing and seeing the Western Meadowlark, the Kildeer and seeing ground squirrels let me know that Spring is here to stay :o) I don't go by the Robins since we have had some stay through the winter at times.



And I did hear a Kildeer yesterday morning :o) As well as seeing and hearing the Meadowlark, too ;o) Now for the ground squirrels

In Indiana, we have had a

In Indiana, we have had a very mild winter and an early spring. Out temperatures are at least 20 degrees above normal. This posing a huge dilemna. Do we plant in regards to current weather trends or go by the old farming rules of not planting before the first of May?.

I'm from NJ & the only snow

I'm from NJ & the only snow we had was in Oct. except for a dusting or two.Our roses & butterfly bushes started budding early in Feb. I really did not miss Old Man Winter! :-)

SPRING????? Here in Southern

Here in Southern California it seems as if Winter has just started. 60 degrees yesterday and they say we will have the same for the next two weeks.

Here in Virginia the egg and

Here in Virginia the egg and the broom both are standing up.

We had 3 snows this year (not

We had 3 snows this year (not a lot of it either) All the tulips and iris have popped up early. Will probably have more thunderstorm than usual. Love the spring and fall of the year.

As Spring starts 20 March at

As Spring starts 20 March at 1:14 AM EDT on the East coast does that mean it officially starts at 11:14 PM in Colorado on the 19th of March?

There is also an old saying

There is also an old saying that washing your face in the morning dew the first day of Spring brings beauty:)

How do you collect the dew?

How do you collect the dew? Sounds like it would take a few ounces

This custom was always

This custom was always associated with Mayday (May 1) in England when young folks went out a-maying - going out into into the woods at night to gather bunches of the mayflowers that appear on hawthorns at that time. A lot of so-called 'greenwood' marriages took place a few months later!
Girls would go into the meadows in the morning to soak up dew with pieces of cloth and wipe their faces with them to help attract a possible husband. However, Mayday is not regarded as the first day of Spring. May is regarded as the last month of Spring, not the first of Summer, which covers the months of June, July and August.

Actually, May Day is the

Actually, May Day is the first day of Summer, traditionally. Roughly six weeks from 1 May is the Midsummer, or Summer Solstice, and six weeks later we enter August, which marked the beginning of the harvest season, with the first breads being baked from the wheat that was coming in, which is why August Eve was called Lammas of "Loaf Mass".

Here you go again, trying to

Here you go again, trying to impose your peculiar ideas on the rest of humanity. Mayday is universally regarded as a "Spring* festival in the Northern hemisphere. May is the last of the Spring months, and June the first Summer month. Try googling Mayday or consulting some well-regarded authorities.And try and get over your strange obsession with equinoxes and solstices.

I'm not sure which sources

I'm not sure which sources you're Googling, but it's fairly simple to figure out. If (approximately, as it can vary) the 21st of June is Midsummer (as you yourself have correctly stated), then the beginning of Summer would have to be the first of May, as it has been celebrated by many cultures in the Northern hemisphere for quite a long time.

As for being obsessed with the Equinoxes and Solstices, it would seem to me that you're fairly obsessed with attacking their validity.

You could try Wikipedia for a

You could try Wikipedia for a start but there are numerous others. Or you could consult any number of books written over many centuries on the subject. Where Mayday is celebrated in the Northern hemisphere it is celebrated as a Spring festival and May is a Spring, not a Summer month. It is as simple as that.
"Mid-Summer" does not imply the exact calendrical day between the beginning and end of Summer, any more than "mid-Atlantic" implies the exact mid-point between Europe and America. Most humans do not think in such precise ways. They are not computers.

Nor do most humans adapt a

Nor do most humans adapt a lopsided or haphazard approach to measuring seasonal tides.

According to Wikipedia:
"The day (May Day) was a traditional summer holiday in many pre-Christian European pagan cultures. While February 1 was the first day of Spring, May 1 was the first day of summer; hence, the summer solstice on June 25 (now June 21) was Midsummer."

You apparently didn't read the article.

Now, I will be the first to admit that there are varied interpretations (just as I view Imbolc or Candlemas as the last Winter holiday in the old tradition because it falls within the Winter season, others likewise may view it as the first Spring holiday since it recognises the first stirrings of Spring within the Earth and the lengthening of days). And you are also correct in the idea that our forebears long ago, when most could not read or write and possibly did not have access to a calendar or almanac, recognised the seasonal manifestations at different times. No argument there. (Harvest Home, for example, is correctly observed in our 21st century on the Autumnal Equinox, but say a few centuries ago, especially in more remote communities, it was likely celebrated once the majority of the harvest was in... within the Autumn season, but not necessarily on a specific date.) However, those who did have access to the information and the astronomical science behind the seasonal cycles used it, just as I would think our less knowledgeable ancestors would have.

My point, again, is that while the weather in our region may not match the astronomical season, and while we may generalise the seasons with phrases such as, "Spring came late this year", scientifically the seasons manifest themselves like clockwork, astronomically, regardless of local weather patterns. Perhaps it would help to view the astronomical designations as turning points, or harbingers, of the seasonal changes, which would be reasonably accurate. After all, even though Winter begins in November, many areas are still enjoying Fall, some even with Summer-like temperatures.

I'm not saying I don't get your points, I just can't agree that the astronomical calculations which denote the seasonal changes are not scientific.

According to Wikipedia (and

According to Wikipedia (and others): May Day on May 1 is an ancient Northern Hemisphere spring festival and usually a public holiday; it is also a traditional spring holiday in many cultures.
The references to Mayday as the first day of Summer elsewhere in the article appear to be edits by people who are under the same sorts of misunderstanding as you.
I have never said that the astronomical calculations of the equinoxes and solstices are not scientific. Of course they are, even though they were originally made by pre-scientific observers. What is not scientific is defining such common terms as Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter by them when they clearly relate to quite other things. Besides the weather, they are also defined with reference to a host of other natural occurrences which do not require any knowledge of Science (even botany and zoology). When the weather and these other occurrences do not match the astronomical data we say that the season is early or late or did not happen in that year. But that does not mean that we believe the astronomical events are early or late or did not happen. To conflate the two things and say that the astronomical events "denote" the seasons as commonly understood is what is called a category error and is to be avoided, as much in the interest of Science as common sense,
But enough of this.

Well, according to the books

Well, according to the books and materials in my library, May Day is the first day of Summer, but I agree we've fenced long enough on this one, and obviously will not find a common ground. Thanks for the spirited debate, it's been a lot of fun.

I didn't see much of a winter

I didn't see much of a winter here... I'm worried that summer is going to be awful. Is there any correlation ? And just to throw this out there, my stepson came home a few weeks ago and made the broom stand up on its own... Apparently this can be done anytime of the year.

Hi I live in SE England and

I live in SE England and we too have had a very mild Winter - what worries me the most about these are all the nasty bugs which should not be here and which should die over the Winter.

Ref. the eggs scenario - should this not only happen 3 days either side of the Vernal Equinox, which is today. It was the 21st, but apparently will be the 20th for the next hundred or so years.

Finally, we are holidaying in Gatlinburg, TN for the first 2 weeks of May, any Tennesseeans out there who can tell me what the weather will be like?

PS found the threads interesting.

If Spring begins on March 20

If Spring begins on March 20 at 1:14 AM EST, does that mean it begins in MST at 11:14 pm March 19? When exactly does Spring begin in Colorado?

Having lived in both North

Having lived in both North and South Dakota, I can verify that weather in Colorado is mild, even in the winter. :)

Eggs upright! - all across

Eggs upright! - all across America! I put all 12 up, 3 of them standing on my cutting board, the others on the electric burner os my stove inspired by the almanac pic. 2 friends sent pics of theirs on flat shiny surfaces, another friend on her stove, my mom's in the corner of the tile, another on the tile floor. I also held it straight up & down in my hand. I could really feel it's energy pulling it into perfect balance. Don't give up! I couldn't quit once I got started. Where do I post all the pictures?

To address the misconception,

To address the misconception, you can stand an egg on its head any time of the year. The seasons have absolutely nothing to do with it at all. It just depends on how flat your surface is how nicely shaped the egg is.

Our broom stands up in our

Our broom stands up in our broom closet until someone pulls it out and uses it. On the other hand, what came first, the spring equinox or the egg?

i stood an egg up and it

i stood an egg up and it stayed for a lil while then fell over. the broom works great tho. the eggs should balance as so when the equinox comes closer as the force would be stronger. so if you havent had any luck just be a lil patient.

I have never in my life been

I have never in my life been able to balance anything and as the above post states... The broom and the egg are still standing beside me as I st here at the bar. I am in the Panhandle of Florida and its not March 20th however the objects still stand. I will continue to try this and see what happens! FIRM BELIEVER!!!

That is awesome! my son is

That is awesome! my son is trying to get our broom to stand on end now, lol. We are testing it here in s.e. oklahoma. Will let you know the outcome later today.

My 12 yr old daughter and I

My 12 yr old daughter and I tried the broom and egg "trick" earlier tonight after all the buzz posted on FB. Well...it worked!! And they are BOTH still standing in my litchen as I type! I've tried this before today and it never worked. I'm a believer!! :-)

I live on hour north of KC

I live on hour north of KC Missouri. My fiance saw all the posts about the broom and egg so he tried it...and our broom and egg have been standing on end for the past hour...also my broom is a slanted one to sweep out corners..so there is no way it could ever do this on it's own..it's top heavy...creepy...I have friends in NY state that tried it but no luck..too bad its really neat to see. :)

My friend asked me what all

My friend asked me what all the pictures in Facebook were about standing brooms, and I said I don't know. We tried the broom outside, and it worked. We tried the eggs inside and the broom inside and it worked. Anyone feeling the magic?

My friends broom is standing

My friends broom is standing in her bathroom. And has been for hours but my broom wont and niether did the eggs that I tried to stand on end. Hmm wierd

does not need to be a new

does not need to be a new perfect broom. I've done it with my decade old beaten up broom.

please explain to me how to

please explain to me how to get the broom to balance on its own because im going to the store just to buy a brand new broom to try this because it seems very interesting.

I stood 2 brooms up today,

I stood 2 brooms up today, Neither were new, both were angled brooms, one stood for almost 3 hours and I had to leave and couldn't leave it standing at work, the other stood until the baby knocked it down. And could easily be stood back up. IDK Y but it works.

I don't understand how the

I don't understand how the tilt of the earth can make an egg stand vertically. Perhaps I'm missing something...I understand that the egg in the photo is standing because of the crease of whatever it's on, but I still think that this may actually be possible (despite the fact that I haven't tried it yet. I just don't fully understand HOW. But maybe we don't need to understand...

Well, it's really just

Well, it's really just folklore. The premise is that an egg will balance on the vernal and autumnal equinox because the Sun is crossing the equator and that having the center of the Earth aligned with the gravitational pull of the Sun makes it easier to balance any object. It may be that you can balance eggs any day of the year. You may want to try it and pick a day!

I figured it might have

I figured it might have something to do with the equator, but I was never really sure. I guess I'll just have to try it some time.

I never could understand that

I never could understand that folklore myself. Gravity is generated by the spin of the earth and not the pull of the sun. If the Sun's pull influenced the ability of the egg to stand up, then it would only hold at the equator where it is perpendicular. In other parts of the world as you move up the curvature, the sun's pull would move from perpendicular.

Actually, gravity is

Actually, gravity is generated from the center of any reasonably large body (Sun, Earth, moon, etc.) When the earth spins, it causes centripedal force which causes winds, among other things

Yes! And the interaction of

Yes! And the interaction of the Sun and Moon causes tides. Thus a perpendicular egg would be due to tidal forces, among others.

As I learned it back in 1968

As I learned it back in 1968 in Physics 101: Gravity is a mutual attraction generated by both the earths mass and the corresponding mass of the object. Centripetal force is generated by the spin of the earth as it acts upon the mass of the object.
BTW gravity's attraction between 2 objects across space such as the sun and the earth (and the egg as well) also is a contributing factor when attempting to account for all forces acting upon the egg.
Just sayin - - -

The sun and moon both affect

The sun and moon both affect the gravity on earth. That is what influences the tidal cycles of spring to neap and back, as the sun and moon position themselves in alignment or on opposite sides of the earth. Theoretically then, the egg / broom / whatever story should be possible more often then only at the spring equinox (which happens twice annually).

So u r saying by that u

So u r saying by that u should be able to even balance 3 golf balls on top of each other, correct. About 12that of us tried that yesterday, 03/12/2012 and none were successful, so how is it that u say u can balance things easier right now? And in response to those asking about early spring...we have had an even milder winter than usual here in Knoxville this year. 70 degree weather in February is extremely nice!!!

I have 2 brooms that have

I have 2 brooms that have been standing on their own in our kitchen since last night!

Actually, one of the tests of

Actually, one of the tests of a good quality hand made broom is that it will stand up (that is - stay standing) on its own. Learned this from a fellow at a pioneer village type tourist spot.

This standing of the broom or

This standing of the broom or the egg... it is NOTHING. Any day of the year, my wife can make her broom for indefinite periods of time, to stand on its own, or flip, or even HOVER!; AND it uses no gasoline, but still takes her anywhere she wants to go!!!

To loveisinvein: Whats does

To loveisinvein:
Whats does a broom standing on end on March 01 have to do with vernal equinox lore? The vernal equinox is March 20 according to the farmers' almanac , although the actual "equal" night/ day is March 16-17. My grandpa always said to plant seedlings outdoors on st. patricks day.

In addition to the egg, you

In addition to the egg, you can also stand a broom up by itself... I must admit that it is rather freaky, but also awesome at the same time! Mine has been free standing for the past hour.

I tried both egg and broom to

I tried both egg and broom to zero sucess. Maybe a new broom would but as for the egg.........Just ain't happenin...........

You need a new broom. Only

You need a new broom. Only new brooms sweep clean.

If you have a broom that will

If you have a broom that will stand then it will stand any day of the year. The bristles disperse the weight of the broom evenly (if done correctly) and it allows the broom to balance. The suns position in the sky has no bearing on the broom. If it did this would only work on the equator at high noon.

That's really something. My

That's really something. My broom levitated all by itself for about five minutes, six inches off the floor!! Now how does science explain that??

Your a witch!

Your a witch!

Thats nice

Thats nice

Were you riding it at the

Were you riding it at the time?

...actually, technically,

...actually, technically, he'd be a Warlock.

Witches are both female and

Witches are both female and male. A warlock is something more akin to a wizard I believe.

It is my understanding that

It is my understanding that male and female witches are always called witches. A warlock is technically an "oathbreaker", something none of us good witches would wish to be called.

Witches are Witches, be they

Witches are Witches, be they male or female. As one contributer already pointed out, "warlock" means "deceiver", and the term is insulting to Witches. (And Witch is capitalised, the same as Christian, Jew, or Muslim, since it denotes one who follows the pre-Christian path of one of the Old Religions which were labeled "Witchcraft" by the early church in an attempt to discredit them. Much as was the case with Columbus and the indigenous people of America whom he labeled "Indians", the "Witches" came to wear that title with pride over time.)

How does science explain your

How does science explain your broom levitating? Easy. It's called hallucinations, probably brought on by delusional, "magical thinking". It layman's terms it means your crazy.

I just tried the broom.

I just tried the broom. Couldn't believe it!! I had never heard of this before just a few minutes ago. I was AMAZED!!! I of course took pictures and then the broom fell down. I had to have proof of that broom standing on it's own to show someone. I really don't care why, I just want someone I know to see it.