Crunchy Dill Pickles


Makes about 8 pints.

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Hi! This is my first time

Hi! This is my first time canning pickles. Thx for the recipe to try. Quick question- We live at 6500 ft elevation... do I need to add time to my processing for that like when water bathing fruit, etc?

Great question, Amber! When

Great question, Amber! When canning at elevations between 6,001 and 8,000 you should add 15 minutes to processing time.

I used to make good pickles

I used to make good pickles with no boiling water bath but ever since they tell you to boiling water bath them, mine are no longer crisp. What am I doing wrong? Doesn't the BWB at least cook them to some extent so they become not crisp?

Hello, Linda. The boiling

Hello, Linda. The boiling water bath is necessary. This heat treatment will destroy organisms that might cause spoilage and inactivate the enzymes that could affect flavor, color, and texture during storage. If you don’t want to do a water bath, you can store your pickles in the fridge and eat them as you would any other fresh food. As for crispness, our readers have made many suggestions for how to make pickles more crisp. Scroll through the comments below and have a look. Good luck!

This is the exact recipe I

This is the exact recipe I have always used. But I do add a pinch of mustard seed to help with Crispness. I have never done the ice bath and my pickles are always very crisp. We can pretty much the day of picking the cucumbers-3 days post picking.

Put a carrot in your jars to

Put a carrot in your jars to keep crisp.

I followed this recipe but my

I followed this recipe but my pickles were not crisp at all........they had soggy middles....the taste was there but not the crispness. Yes I did soak my pickles overnight. What might I have done wrong? I really want a crisp dill, I made lime pickles and they were crisp as all get out. So should I actually soak in lime before I dill?

Pickling lime is often used

Pickling lime is often used to increase crispness of the vegetable being pickled. Go ahead and give it a try!

I love really crisp pickles.

I love really crisp pickles. Can I use pickling lime with dill pickles like you do with the bread & butter pickles? If not, why? Thanks!

Yes, you absolutely can!

Yes, you absolutely can!

I've tried many dill pickle

I've tried many dill pickle recipes and they weren't very good. lol I am going to try this one. Many recipes say to wait so many days before eating so the fermenting process. Do you have to wait on these pickles and if so how many days?

Hi, Vicki, You should let the

Hi, Vicki, You should let the pickles sit for at least a week, maybe two; they need time to ferment—at least this recipe does. We have a “refrigerator” dill pickle recipe that cuts that wait time in half (to 3 to 4 days) here (the recipe is below the video, which is about 2 mins long, if you’re interested):

It is getting hard to find

It is getting hard to find regular dill pickles in the stores anymore because it seems they have been replaced with Kosher dill pickles. I don't like the kosher dill pickles. They don't taste the same and seem to leave an after taste. What is the difference in regular dill pickles & kosher dill pickles? Thank you.

The difference between Kosher

The difference between Kosher dill pickles and dill pickles is garlic. That may explain the aftertaste.

Two Questions

Two Questions
What is the difference between pickling salt and kosher salt? I regularly use kosher salt and I need to know if I should also buy pickling salt. Also, can I use different types of vinegar? I was thinking it would add a nice variety to use flavored vinegars. Thanks

Hi, Linda. Pickling salt is

Hi, Linda. Pickling salt is very fine and does not contain anti-caking ingredients. You can use kosher salt in its place, as long as the kosher salt does not have any additives. You can also use your choice of vinegars, as long as long as it contains 5% acetic acid. Good luck!

I have a couple questions. I

I have a couple questions. I have never canned, jarred or anything else so please hold back the snide remarks and laughter. Just kidding!
First, once I do the whole recipe how long will they last, unopened, on a shelf? Provided they "seal" right, which means the little metal piece sucked in. Right?
Next, once open, how long will they last? Refrigerated, I assume, after opening.
Thank you for the advice.
I'm looking forward to trying this.

We wouldn’t laugh! We applaud

We wouldn’t laugh! We applaud your efforts to learn something new and canning/pickling is a wonderful skill to tackle.

If unopened and sealed correctly, your pickles should last up to 2 years on the shelf. Once you open them and put them in the refrigerator, we would aim to eat them in about a month.

About the lid sealing: If you hear popping noises it is the jars sealing. Once the jars are cool check the seal; the center of the lid should be depressed. If a jar doesn’t seal, put it in the fridge to eat right away. 

For crisp pickles add a large

For crisp pickles add a large piece of horseradish leaf to the bottom of the jar.

Cold pickling

I made some pickles 6 to eight weeks ago using an appropriate salt and vinegar brine, added some dill, garlic and hot peppers and put the bottle in the refrigerator at 36 to 38 degrees. The pickling cucumbers had been in an ice bath over night. We ate some within a couple weeks and they were fine. I just opened a new jar. The ring was a little hard to get off and when I got that off the lid popped up by itself about two feet in the air. The brine is a little white and cloudy, does not smell bad and everything is still crisp. Any health issues with the pickles?

pickle lid popping

It’s almost never a good sign when a lid pops off as you described, David. You should dispose of that jar and check the others.



David, did you use a water

David, did you use a water bath canner or a pressure canner? Either of those? I use a water bath when making pickles because of the acidity of the vinegar making it safe versus pressure canning to kill off bacteria. If you didn't use either, that could be the reason the lid flew off.

is it safe to eat or throw away?

I am just beginning to can . I bought spices and pickle crisp it didn't say anything about salt. I didn't add salt just the vinegar and spices. I boiled 10 minutes . Will this be bad to eat?

Pickle Crisp

There are plenty of recipes for salt-free pickles out there, and because pickle crisp adds a salty flavor, your pickles should be (and taste) just fine.

Pickling Dills

Shame to lose the incredible health value of truly fermented food by substituting white vinegar (which has no health benefit that I've heard) for whey (fermentation starter). I'll bet if you were to look at Old Farmer's Almanac's predating 1950s, you would find the real, original recipe!

The U.S. Department of

The U.S. Department of Agriculture says that if good quality produce and modern canning methods are employed, there is no need to use alum to bolster the crispness of our pickles and cherries. In any event, the department says, even if alum is used to soak the pickles, it should NOT be used in the final pickling liquid.

The ice water soak in this

The ice water soak in this recipe will keep the pickles nice and crisp without the use of alum.

WHY would anyone increase

WHY would anyone increase their intake of aluminum?
ALUM: Highly astringent crystals of potassium aluminum sulfate, previously used as the crisping agent in canning pickles. Modern canning methods make alum unnecessary.

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this is how i do mine except

this is how i do mine except 1 clove garlic, no pepper & add 1/2 tsp. alum to ea. jar. they are excellent!