Nana's Funny Cake recipe

Recipe for Nana's Funny Cake recipe
Becky Luigart-Stayner



2 unbaked 9-inch pie crusts




Makes 2 pies.

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Cake funny

Can this cake be frozen?

funny cake recipe

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Yes, this cake can be frozen. Good idea!

Haven't tried but already love the recipe!

I used to work at a bakery in a farmer's market in Pennsylvania and they had funny cakes and they were absolutely delicious. I distinctly remember the owner of the stand telling me about how the funny cake was made by doing the pie crust and then making the cake and then you pour the chocolate topping thing over the cake and it sinks down. However every single recipe I have found online says put the chocolate in and then put the cake in and I've always been very hesitant about those recipes because that's not what I was told when I was working at a pastry stand. I am so so grateful to have found this recipe that stays true to what I was told is done to make a funny cake. I am so so so excited to try this out because I can't express how much I miss funny cake used to eat it at least once a week and now I don't have access so now I got to learn how and this recipe seems like a great one so thank you so much.

funny cake pie recipe

To those saying it is is NOT....the chocolate you pour on top of the cake batter sinks down to the bottom as it bakes. THAT is WHY it is called a FUNNY's funny that it does that....other than sometimes a little brown marks the top, there is no evidence of the chocolate throughout the cake part. You would think YOU assemble it on the bottom but no! It's ''FUNNY" = peculiar!


I think that grandma did what a lot of people do with a treasured old recipe, they leave out ingredients or steps. LOL!

Complete recipe

the recipe is complete. You pour the vanilla batter into the pie shells, then pour the chocolate "sauce" on the vanilla batter. When it bakes, since the chocolate sauce is denser; it sinks and becomes the bottom.

Nana's Funny Cake Recipe

The cake is suppose to have a chocolate bottom layer which is not included in the recipe

Recipe incomplete.. no chocolate bottom directions

Can you provide full recipe?

funny cake recipe

When you add the cake batter it settles on the bottom, the chocolate sauce is on top, and as it bakes, it reverses.