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Pickled Okra

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With our Pickled Okra recipe, you can enjoy summer okra all year long! It’s an easy recipe, even for novice canners. Be sure to select very fresh, young, tender okra pods. Remove any spotted or blemished pods. Learn how to grow your own okra.

See our Water Bath Canning Guide if you’re not clear what supplies or steps you need to take to process your jars in a boiling water bath.

Note: If you’re looking for the older recipe, it was updated in 2020 per Ball Blue Book and USDA Food Preservation Center standards.  –Reviewed by Christina Ferroli Nutrition, LLC PhD, RDN, LDN, FAND.

3 ½ pounds of small okra pods
3 cups of water
3 cups of white vinegar, 5% acidity
1/3 cup pickling salt
Optional: garlic cloves (peeled)
Optional: hot peppers (jalapeño peppers)

Make sure all jars, lids, and bands are clean (soapy water). Remember that the lids should never be re-used and must be new. 

  1. Heat jars in a large pot with water to cover; bring to a boil and simmer. 
  2. Wash okra pods under cool running water and drain.  Trim stem off the pods being careful not to cut open.
  3. Meanwhile, fill your boiling water canner (or a separate large stockpot with lid) half-full with water to a boil; simmer. 
  4. In a smaller saucepan, combine water, vinegar, and salt and bring the mixture to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 5 minutes.
  5. Remove hot jars from the large pot 1 at a time using jar lifter. Set on cutting board or similar. 
  6. Pack okra pods into the hot pint jars. (Optional: Include a garlic clove and a chili pepper or hot pepper for a kick.)
  7. Ladle hot pickling liquid into each jar, leaving ½-inch headspace at the top.
  8. Wipe the jar rims to remove any food. Cover with (new) metal lids and screw on a clean band. Don’t tighten too much.
  9. Place packed hot jars in canning rack, and place in simmering water in canner. Add additional water as needed to cover by 1 to 2 inches. Now bring water to a rolling boil. 
  10. Process jars 15 minutes in boiling water canner. 
  11. Remove from heat. Remove jars carefully and let cool on a surface for 12 to 24 hours. Test seals of jars by pressing center of each lid. If lids do not pop, jars are properly sealed.

Processed okra can be stored for up to one year in a cool, dry place such as a pantry. 



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