Texas Jailhouse (no tomatoes) Chilli


2 - 2 1/2 cups chopped beef suet
4 - 5 cups diced beef chuck
3 Lrg crushed garlic cloves
1 Tblspn cumin Pwdr
1 - 2 Tblspns paprika
*2 - 3 Tblspns chilli pwdr*
1 Tblspn white pepper
1 Tblspn salt, or to taste
1 diced, fresh, green pepper pod (Ortega or Anahiem)
1 tspn crushed coriander seeds
1 quart water


Melt suet in a heavy dutch oven; add beef and stir untill browned. add all other ingredients and simmer, covered for about 4 hours. Add water while cooking to maintain the consistancy of a thick stew.

Hotter chill: use more chilli pwder and less paprika.

Milder chilli: Use more paprika and less chilli pwdr.

*Traditional chilli pwdr ; “Chilli Molida”…Hotter Chilli pwder; “New Mexico Chilli”…Milder chilli pwdr; California Chilli”*

In lean times, when meat was hard to come by, old timers would substitute 3 Tblspns of yellow corn meal for 1 cup of diced beef. It tasted just as good.


1 nice pot of chilli

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