Vermont Farm Sandwich


2 slices whole wheat bread
brown mustard
sliced roast beef or other meat
raw yellow onion, sliced
cheddar cheese


Spread one piece of bread lavishly with mustard, and the other with a good half-inch layer of horseradish. Add the meat, a couple slices of onion, and a good, thick piece of cheddar cheese. Put it all together, and serve with apple cider (hot or cold) or hot ginger tea. According to one Vermont farmer we know, a daily lunch of this is the best cold preventative there is!

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Makes 1 serving.


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Horseradish is good on roast

Horseradish is good on roast beef sandwiches but how much would be a personal preference, everybody is different. Just adjust it how you want, same with mustard...I'd like a white cheese instead on mine.

A good half inch of

A good half inch of horseradish? How would it stay on the sandwich and not ooze out when taking a bite? How would you taste anything but horseradish? I would say it would be a cold preventative, and maybe burn your sinuses out completely! I like horseradish but I am not putting a half inch layer of horseradish on any sandwich.

Maybe they mean a half-inch

Maybe they mean a half-inch of a small jar's worth? They can't mean it literally -- that would be insane.

But I'd still try it, LOL.