Vermont Farm Sandwich

Recipe for Vermont Farm Sandwich
Sam Jones/Quinn Brein


2 slices whole wheat bread
brown mustard
sliced roast beef or other meat
raw yellow onion, sliced
cheddar cheese


Spread one piece of bread lavishly with mustard, and the other with a very thick layer of horseradish. Add the meat, several slices of onion, and 2 pieces of cheddar cheese. Put it all together, and serve with apple cider (hot or cold) or hot ginger tea.


Makes 1 serving.

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Add a large tablespoon of horseradish to your mashed potatoes.

Very good sandwich

I love this sandwich.

Farm Sandwich

Old timers knew about immunity.Us Polish folks eat Garlic sandwiches in the winter..Pumpernickel bread, butter raw slices garlic and salt...keeps the cooties away!

farm sandwich

My kind of sandwich ... I love horseradish and I love mustard ... or garlic hummus ..... you have made me hungry

Farm sandwich

I love beef with horseradish

Farm sandwich with beef? Oh, no ...

A farm sandwich with beef? Oh, no. If it is a Wisconsin farm sandwich, one begins with smoked liver sausage. Everything else is OK ... :>) ...!

Cold-Fighting Sandwich

I've had these sandwiches for years -- very effective in boosting immunity. I keep the meat and cheese sandwiches separate; raw yellow onion goes wonderfully with both; bread can also be rye, and substitute butter for mayo on the cheese sandwiches. No mustard, I don't care for it. Sometimes, on roast beef, I'll mix horseradish with sour cream. Onions, though, are key. Once, when I had serious problems eating, I could eat only liverwurst on rye with raw onion. I think it saved my life. (Thanks to commenter Khalid about horseradish cheese; going to look for it!)

Vermont Farmer's Sandwich

Maybe because no one could get near enough to give you a cold?

Add some garlic...and you wouldn't need to worry about vampires, either.

Farm Sandwich

Mine consist of Whole Wheat Bread, lots of Onion, Salt and Pepper and Mayo
Must be good because I'll be 82 on the 16th of January and have been eating this for quite some years ( Winter and Summer )

Horseradish cheese

I love horseradish and learned recently that there is a horseradish cheese. I put it in almost every sandwich i make. I found it in my grocery store (Publixs).


Speaking of horseradish, I just bought some fresh. Can you freeze it?

Veggie version

I have been eating a vegetarian version of this for years. Instead of meat, use peanut butter. All other ingredients are the same, but the mustard is optional.

Vermont sandwich

Yum yum especially if you love horseradish!

Sure that sandwich will

Sure that sandwich will prevent colds. It does it by keeping everyone away from you!

Growing up I remember my Dad

Growing up I remember my Dad eating onion sandwiches(just onions) when he was getting a cold.

Love horseradish. I use the

Love horseradish. I use the entire amount in the small jars (about 4" tall) in my beef stroganoff. Very, very good and it does clear the sinuses.

Horseradish is good on roast

Horseradish is good on roast beef sandwiches but how much would be a personal preference, everybody is different. Just adjust it how you want, same with mustard...I'd like a white cheese instead on mine.


I use horseradish even on prime rib it’s excellent!

A good half inch of

A good half inch of horseradish? How would it stay on the sandwich and not ooze out when taking a bite? How would you taste anything but horseradish? I would say it would be a cold preventative, and maybe burn your sinuses out completely! I like horseradish but I am not putting a half inch layer of horseradish on any sandwich.

Maybe they mean a half-inch

Maybe they mean a half-inch of a small jar's worth? They can't mean it literally -- that would be insane.

But I'd still try it, LOL.

horse radish

where do you see a half inch of horse radish? it says a thick layer.