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10 Spectacular Strawberry Recipes

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Strawberry Pie, Strawberry Cake, Strawberry Jam, & More!

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There’s nothing like strawberries at the peak of season—juicy, sweet, and ripe! Sure, you can buy strawberries all year-round now, but they’re not as flavorful. Here are 10 super strawberry recipes, from prizewinning strawberry jam to the best strawberry-rhubarb pie.

After you’ve gathered your strawberries (from your garden or local farmers’ market) bring them into the kitchen and try them in these recipes.
Note: Ever rinse strawberries before you store them; wait until right before you use them. See how to store fruit and veggies.

Prize-Winning Strawberry Jam

strawberry_jam_135pixels_shutterstock_full_width.jpgCredit: 135pixels/shutterstock

Strawberry Crunch Muffins

baking-1081075_1920_full_width.jpgCredit: Pixabay

Spinach-Strawberry Salad

strawberry-salad_full_width.jpgCredit: Shutterstock

Strawberry-Rhubarb Soup

Credit: Lesya Dolyuk/Shutterstock

Grilled Angel Food Cake With Strawberries and Berry-White Sauce

Credit: Becky Luigart-Stayner

Fresh Tomato and Strawberry Salsa 


Strawberry Rhubarb Pie


Strawberry Crepes


Strawberry Lemonade


Strawberry Pavlova Cake

shutterstock_144107134_0_full_width.jpgCredit: Elena Shashkina/Shutterstock

Is your mouth watering? Now go pick some strawberries!

For the sweetest berries, just grow your own! See our free Strawberry Growing Guide.

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