Grilling Recipes and Tips: Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Dessert

Grilling Recipes

Ready for a cookout? Here are some great grilling tips and recipes. Meat tastes great from the grill if you do it right!

Tips for the Grill 

  1. Before you get started, dust your grill grates with oil or cooking spray to keep food from sticking. Be sure to let the grates come to temperature before you begin cooking.

  2. Bring ingredients to room temperature before you cook; they will then cook more evenly and quickly.

  3. Remember the 4-by-4 rule to determine how hot your grill is: If you can keep your palm 4 inches over the coals for 4 seconds, it’s at medium heat.

  4. For even browning of meat and poultry, pat the surface with a paper towel to remove moisture before grilling.

  5. If your steaks curl on the grill, score the outer layer of fat at 1-inch intervals.

  6. Refrain from pressing hamburger patties on the grill with a spatula or piercing meat with a fork; you’ll lose the juices. Use a spatula or tongs.

  7. If you prefer skinless chicken, be sure to marinate the meat first; then baste frequently with leftover marinade during grilling.

  8. Use fresh lemon juice in your marinades. It tenderizes meat, blends well with many flavors (from soy sauce and ginger to BBQ sauce), and accents other tastes.

  9. Let meats rest at least 5 (if not 10) minutes before slicing them. The meat will absorb and redistribute the juices.

  10. The best time to clean your grill is when the grates are still warm. With the back of a spatula, scrape anything on the grates into the fire, then use a wire brush to scrub the grates clean.

Invest in an instant-read thermometer. You will insert this thermometer into the center of the steak to see if it’s done to your liking. For example, medium is 145 degrees. Well-done is 160 degrees. See our minimum temperatures for cooking meat

Great Recipes for the Grill!

Now, start grilling with these delicious recipes.

Grilled Pork Kabobs


Simple Steak

Grilled Peach Glazed Chicken

Grilled Summer Tomato Pizza


Grilled Striped Bass With Grilled Corn and Watermelon Relish

Grilled Caponata Wraps With Summer Vegetables

Basic Burgers


Chicken Satay

Island Beef Teriyaki

Maple Barbecue Ribs


Campfire Smelt

Hobo Packs

Bourbon Glazed Salmon


Grilled Banana Sundae

Grilled Fruit Skewers With Ginger Syrup

Blueberry Crumble


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