Seven-Layer Salad


10 to 12 servings

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I know what's for dinner

I know what's for dinner tonight! I also have a version of this salad: Use chopped green onions instead of regular onions. A can of sliced water chestnuts in place of green peppers. My "frosting" uses 1/2 c Mayo, and 1 1/2 c sour cream combined; no sugar. Also replace the cheddar with Parmesan on top with the bacon. Can't wait to try the OFA version!

I have made this salad for

I have made this salad for years - thought I created it actually...however, NEVER EVER put the lettuce on the bottom as it turns mushy and rusty--I always put a mixture of onions on the bottom, the fragrance permeates up thru all the other layers to the top...and it is wonderful---Mine has more color--use red sweet peppers and black olives, raddishes -- but your topping sounds great too--so I will try this on my next one--I normally mix dry Italian dressing mix w/ the mayo frosting -