Seven-Layer Salad


10 to 12 servings

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7-Layer Salad

My sister makes this all the time. We've always heard it called "Commuter Salad", and we make it in large Tupperware containers. We often took it to the ICU where we worked together because it will keep for several days if refrigerated in an airtight container. Excellent for fast lunches when all the time you have is about 15 minutes in the nurses lounge, because the Unit is so busy there's no time to take a real lunch beak in the cafeteria. Love this stuff!

I know what's for dinner

I know what's for dinner tonight! I also have a version of this salad: Use chopped green onions instead of regular onions. A can of sliced water chestnuts in place of green peppers. My "frosting" uses 1/2 c Mayo, and 1 1/2 c sour cream combined; no sugar. Also replace the cheddar with Parmesan on top with the bacon. Can't wait to try the OFA version!

I have made this salad for

I have made this salad for years - thought I created it actually...however, NEVER EVER put the lettuce on the bottom as it turns mushy and rusty--I always put a mixture of onions on the bottom, the fragrance permeates up thru all the other layers to the top...and it is wonderful---Mine has more color--use red sweet peppers and black olives, raddishes -- but your topping sounds great too--so I will try this on my next one--I normally mix dry Italian dressing mix w/ the mayo frosting -