Sweet Potato Soufflé

Recipe prepared by Victoria Shearer


12 to 18 servings

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I respectfully respond to Rev

I respectfully respond to Rev. Mato and 'Janet'........Geez Kids!!! Lighten Up a Little!!!

I agree with Rev. Nagi Mato

I agree with Rev. Nagi Mato 100%. May I add - and delicious. Also, what's a sweet potato without some cinnamon?

First of all, I can do

First of all, I can do without the marshmallows (I never liked them), also, evap skim milk? Secondly, microwave? Really?? This, I'm afraid, would never make it in my house. I will be happy to make a healthy version that will delight the family.
But, thanks, anyway.

sweet potato rev

Then how did you make the healthy version and dìd it delight the family ?
Looking forward to read it ...