10 Great Sandwich Recipes

Scrumptious Sandwich Recipe Ideas

May 25, 2018
Croque Monsieur

You can make lunchtime a special occasion with these 10 flavorful sandwich recipes. Featuring a variety of ingredients, these convenient meals are true taste bud tempters!

See the video at the bottom of the page for how to make a perfectly melty grilled sandwich.

10 Great Sandwich Recipes

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Croque Monsieur

With the enigmatic name of “Mr. Crunchy,” this  hearty ham sandwich will steal your heart.  

Tomato, Basil, and Mozzarella Sandwiches 

For a true summer sandwich, what could be nicer than a warm tomato from the earth paired with mild mozzarella on a slab of hearty bread? 


Thai Spiced Peanut Chicken Salad Tea Sandwiches

For kicky flavored elegance, try these prize-winning, crustless tea sandwiches. 


French Toast Cordon Bleu

This is an attractive hot sandwich that tastes as good as it looks! Top it with real maple syrup for the perfect complement.


Nana’s Brisket Sandwich, Grainy Mustard

When you’re hungry enough to eat a continent, Nana’s Brisket Sandwich can handle your appetite.


Pita Pockets Stuffed with Curried Tuna Salad

This recipe, a spicy new twist for an old favorite, comes from The Sandwich Book, by Judy Gethers, Vintage Books, Random House, New York, 1988.


Super Steak Sandwich

Serve this satisfying sandwich with a fresh green salad for a perfect summer supper.


Caribbean Mango Wrap

One bite of this delicous, exotic sandwich and your thoughts will drift to a sunny tropical island. 


Best Tuna Sandwich Ever


Watch how to “manage the melt” and make the perfect Grilled Cheese.

Get the printable grilled cheese recipe here.

What looks good to you? Tell us your favorite sandwich!


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Great Summer Sandwich

On any bread of your choice, spicy swiss chard pesto with slices of avocado and sliced boiled egg. Breakfast, lunch or dinner to go

Summer Sandwiches

Breakfast or a snack-bagel or English muffin with cream cheese and sliced fresh peach.

Toasted homemade bread, mayo, sliced tomato & cucumber.